who is God?

As Christians we all have the responsibility of evangelizing about sharing the good news, some through their preaching, others through their talents, and some through their lifestyle.

Personally, I dont why or how but am never good at evangelizing to people. Whenever  I am called upon for such I become short of words.

Not until recently, I realized that every Christian is actually an evangelizer. The only problem here, is we want to evangelize( tell the story of God) the way Moses did, we want to evangelize just as Isaiah did. And in the process forgetting that we are the prophets of our own time.

This question changed my perspective about evangelism, Someone walked up to me one day asking, “Sister Eunice, who do you say is your God ?”
For I while I was puzzled, I asked myself that same question over and over again before I finally replied,” God is my friend and brother. I don’t know about others but God is my everything, i don’t even know how to explain it but God is just everything “.

Whenever i pray to Him, he comforts  me that I no longer feel the pain or burden of life. You know, I don’t know how to pray fiercely or something like that, but by the little prayer I say everyday, He is all seeks to grant.

I prefer talking to God than chatting with friends because when I confide in friends, they can’t help but pity my situation and some will either betray me by gossipin about it or pray to God to grant solutions to my problems. But God,whenever I confide in Him, He will not only listens, and takes away the pain I feel, but also makes sure that my problems are solved beyond comprehension.

There is no greater or better friend than Jesus. Sometimes, my Mum complains about the way I approach God, saying I’m too direct but then I will always say, God knows all, it’s far more better to be too ‘direct’  to Him in your pure intensions than to pretend to be something else in His presence.

There are too many things to say about this wondeeful God. But the best story is said by it’s own author. So I urge you today to encounter Him in your own way then and only then, will you be able to tell people about Him and live a better life with Him as your guide.

Sometimes, it’s not all about praying ( binding and casting) and preaching. It’s also about the personal encounter with God. Although, I am not good at preaching but through this my own little encounter with God I’m able to reach out someone, all is good, the same reason binds us as in in Christ as we all work for the glory of His name. 

I don’t know if my own definition of God is the best or worst but that was how I was able to influence that lady that asked me the question and am very sure that she will one day tell her own story about God.

 If you have never figured out this question, then you need to go back to the drawing board. What are you waiting for! Tell us your story, “Who is God to you”?

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