The warning sign

Traffic lights;

Red says, stop!

Yellow says, ready!

And Green says, Go!

In the official magazine of the Naval institute, Frank Koch reported on a very unusual encounter at sea. A battleship was coming in for maneuvers in heavy weather.

 Shortly after, the sun went down, the lookout reported a light in the distance, so the Captain had the signalman send a message: ” We’re on a collision course. Advise for you to change your course twenty degrees”.

Minutes later, a signal came back: “Advisable for you to change your course”.The captain angrily ordered that another signal be sent.” I am a captain. Change course twenty degrees”. Again came the reply: I’m a seaman, second class. You had better change your course”. Furious by this point, the captain barked a final threat: I’m a battleship! Change your course!”

 The signal came back, “I’m a lighthouse”. The captain changed his course! It’s foolhardy to ignore the beacons that warn you of danger. 

They take various forms: symptoms of health problems, choice of career, chice of life patner, prolonged marital conflict, rebellious children, excessive debts, soul- destroying habits,stress that ties you in knots. The list goes on and on.

It matters not whether you’re successful, influential, and busy.when God sends you a warning signal and tells you to change course, if you are wise, you won’t argue. Instead you will do it with haste. 

In life, when you are walking this journey of life with God, you will realize that before anything happens, God will always show give us a warning signal. 

It may not necessarily be like the traffic light. Everything works to the glory of God, so He will make sure that He warns you before anything happens depending on how disposed you are to Him and if you don’t heed these warning; according to Proverbs 29:1,” He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy”

Let’s get personal. Has God been dealing with you over something in your life that’s wrong, but you keep resisting Him? Or putting off dealing with it? 

Please,God us telling you to change course! Things will only work out right for you when you turn to Him instead of 

running away from Him. 

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