Fallen Standards 1

Good morning ma,” Angel greeted trying to clean the two bed-room flat they live in and at the same time preparing breakfast for her younger brother before leaving to school for her lectures.
“How are you doing”, Mrs. Vanessa asked rushing out to get ready for work.
“I’m fine ma. Mummy please can I ask you a question,” Angel asked promptly putting a stop to her morning chores.
“I’m sorry my dear, I have to rush up to work or else I will lose my job. And you know we don’t the luxury to staying alive without it”.
“Mummy I will be needing some money for some personal things I need to buy”, Angel noted.
“Angel I thought I gave you ten thousand naira just last week, where do you expect me to get another money for whatever you want today again. Do you think I pluck money from a tree, okay that tree doesn’t supply anymore,” Mrs Vanessa stated.
“But mum that money was for my textbooks and handouts,” Angel cried out.
“Angel please don’t let me start with you this early morning, I’m already late for work. These children will not kill me before my time, today this one, tomorrow this and that. Am I the only mother in the world?” She said while leaving the house.
“How I wish mummy would just listen to me for once.” Angel prayed.
Things weren’t always like this with mum. She just changed all of a sudden. I used to think it’s because of her new job with a private company and she is finding it hard adjusting to the pressure and stress. My mum used to be my confidant, my role model, my aspirations, and most of all, my best friend, I doubt if I can still say so now. We would sit and talk for hours like age mates, and like friends. Although sometimes, mum can be a tough one, that’s when she is trying to discipline us, she never takes anything for granted. So therefore, she takes us seriously like a military officer. But we loved every bit of the disciplinary measures she took and we never took it to heart, because we got to understand the other side of the coin, the bitter side of life. Now mummy is a completely different person, I doubt if she is actually the same person I used to love and cherish every minute I spent with her, of which now a minute with her is worst than a second in hell. Not withstanding the fact that she has a busy job, she should consider that we equally need her full attention. Where did things turn so sour. Now she returns home late on week days and always busy with various meetings on weekends, and when we protest, she would say that these meetings are very important for a healthy communal life. Forgetting that we also need a healthy childhood training and upbringing. She is as though a stranger to us, and a shadow of her former self. Oh how I wish daddy was alive till this day!” Angel lamented.

“I don’t know what is wrong with you, why do you love behaving like a child. Don’t you think it is high time you start acting like a university babe?” Kunle stated.
“If being an Ashawo, a prostitute makes me a big university babe, I would rather prefer to be a child all my life, and be chaste”, Angel rebuked.
“See baby, I love you with all my heart and I don’t want what we have to go into shreds all because of some stupid and childish notion to remain a virgin till marriage. Who does in this age and time? That is old school, my dear. Please sweetheart, give me a chance to show you what love is,” Kunle pleaded.
“You are calling my principles stupid and childish. I won’t allow you insult me”. Angel replied angrily and walked out on him.
Kunle and Angel have been in a relationship for almost two years now. Kunle is a student of University Of Illorin like Angel but he is in his third year in the university studying Biochemistry while Angel is studying English in her first year. They met when Angel came to the school for the first time for the Post United Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (PUTME) and she was having trouble locating the exact venue and hall for the examinations. From the moment she accidentally bombed into him in confusion while trying to trace the venue of the examination on her own, he found her attractive and admirable so, he pursued her by volunteering to be her map for the day til she located her exam centre, thanked him for his help, they exchanged contacts. From then onwards, as one thing led to another and they started dating not until this recent these development came up.
On her way back to the lecture hall she bombed into Gerald, one of her stockers. With his gang of friends well known on campus as the tough guys.
“Hey Angel what’s up,” Gerald signaled trying to be nice.
“Please Gerald, I’m not in the mood for your troubles today,” Angel replied quickly, and made to leave.
Gerald’s gang blocked her way and refused to give her passage, “G boss refering to Gerald is not through with you yet, and until then, you go nowhere.”
“Angel, I understand that your stupid boy friend has upset you, right. I will teach him a lesson he will not forget in a hurry, so he will learn how to treat a lady”, Gerald stated.
“No, no please Gerald, don’t hurt him. Its not what you think,” She pleaded
“Then why are you this angry that you don’t even want to talk to me. Tell me, or I will deal with him mercilessly”, He said.
“I just have a little problem at home thats why I’m this way please don’t blame it all on him, he didn’t do anything,” She lied trying to cover up.
“If you say so. So tell me, have you considered my proposal?”, he asked.
“Ah Gerald! don’t say that you know am already with Kunle. I can’t double date, please”, she stated. ‘
“You can, It’s a free world. Besides other girls do it, so your case won’t be different. If you say yes to me, I promise you won’t ever regret it.” He declared
“I’m very happy you said, ‘OTHER GIRLS’. I’m not other girls, I am Angel Williams. As for your proposal, I have already given you the answer, I can’t and I won’t double date, simple.” She explained.
“You see that’s what I like about you, that temper of yours is something extraordinary. I must have you at all cost. If it is for that your so-called boyfriend, I will take care of him for you, just say yes to me, please.” G pleaded.
“No! You can’t force me to love you, please leave Kunle out of this. Angel defended. Whatever…. Can I go now, I really have things to do, and me having this conversation with you is definitely not one of them,” she said as made to leave. The clique withdrew only when they saw G wave a signal to let her go.
Gift and Aisha have been Binta’s close friends since their secondary education. Angel addresses them both as rice and beans or cat and rat. The two always have conflicting ideas, maybe because of their different line of study, Gift studies Anatomy while Aisha is studying business administration. And now, they were lucky enough to be admitted in the same university. Although in different faculties, they still maintain their close relationship. On sighting Angel, they immediately sensed something wrong.
“How did it go love birds?” Aisha asked.
“Obviously not well silly,” Gift replied jokingly.

To be continued……


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  1. depatridge says:

    Interestingly woven piece, Eunice.

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    1. Thanks sir… I’m grateful for the compliment.

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      1. depatridge says:

        My pleasure always.

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