Fallen Standards 2

“Obviously not well silly,” Gift replied jokingly.
“And who asked you talking drum,” Aisha lashed.
I beg, not today, not now. I don’t need you adding to my problems, Angel defended, stand up lets go home.
“Can you share these problems with us before you explode?. Girl you are slowly loosing it,” said Gift.
“It is my mother o, with this her recent behaviours and phenomenas that is making me go crazy. She no longer talks to us only talks at us, she blows off at every slight provoking mistake, like a volcano waiting for explosion. I’m afraid I’m loosing my lovely mother and home. I fear the person she has become over the last few weeks”, Angel complained.
“It’s okay, Angel, why not trying talking to her calmly, try make her understand your point,” suggested Aisha.
“How do I do that, when everything I say pisses her off?” Angel inquired.
“Why not you try talking to her when she is in a good mood or call her attention in the night when everyone is asleep then you can address this issues together as you normally do, mother and daughter talk, try it lets see.” Gift stated
“My mother is scarcely around the house like she is avoiding someone or something, plus I hardly see her happy these days.” stated Angel
“You can not give what you don’t have, perhaps the reason you are not reaching her is because you yourself is disoriented, tell me what is going on that big head of yours?” Gift said inquisitively
“It’s Kunle and this his pre-marital sex issue, I don’t understand him anymore. We used to be very happy until he came up with this sex stuff and I will never give-in. I can’t give up my pride, all for any relationship before marriage, the earlier he grasps this fact, the better for us”, Angel stated clearly.
“What is there in pre-marital sex? It’s a normal thing na, please stop all this hide and seek games for God’s sake. Are you not the one that said yes to him, what were you expecting, or do you think he is father christmas that will be showering you gifts and flowers for nothing? Aisha asked rhetorically. It is high time you understand that relationship is a give and take thing, money for sex.”
“Please o, can’t somebody just have a happy relationship without this sex stuff coming up? What is this world turning into? How can you advice her to do such a thing? Don’t you know its a sin. Besides, we are just in level one in the university, our first year for that matter, we are just beginning to build our future and you want her to destroy her chances so prematurely,” Gift cautioned.
“And who says she is going to get pregnant, contact HIV and AIDS or do something that will destroy her future. See, there are many ways to do these things these days, and you will be 100% save and sound,” Aisha defended.
Tell me something! Gift and Angel exclaimed almost stimulteneously.
You see, now there are various kinds of contraceptives which you can use to protect yourself from these infections or diseases before and after sex with or without the consent of your parents, Aisha noted.
“Like the Condoms, I heard they are not 100% sure and trusted, abstinence is the only safest way to avoid all these nonsense,” criticized Gift.
“Well stated primary school students of one ancient village school, you did your assignment well. Only God knows where you got that twisted rumour from. I’m very sure one of those that spread those dirty rumours and misconceptions about the contraceptive authenticity are your church members. This is the 21st century dummy, and things have changed, this is the reigning thing in town and you better join the moving or be left behind in the bench,” Aisha stated.
“Aisha please continue with the jist and leave Gift, we all know she is the virgin Mary of our time, this is getting more and more interesting,” Angel said.
“As we were saying before the mosquito interrupted; referring to Gift. Condoms are just one of these contraceptives. There are other before and after sex pills you can take, there are in form of tablets, injections, and the rest of them. It all depends on the one you prefer,” Aisha illustrated.
“And there is abstinence o!” Gift reminded in disgust as she walked to her hostel.
“Shut up jare!” Aisha demanded.
“I’m already on my way”, she said while biding Angel farewell.
“It’s okay, I will think about everything you guys said; thanks”, Angel appreciated.
“Angel, it is not like I want to teach you what to do. I just need you to understand me, Is it not better for your boyfriend to deflower you and you enjoy it than for a stupid rapist to do it and contaminate your womb? In this present day and age where rape is rampant everywhere despite the law enforced against such acts. The last I heard, rape consequence is 21 years in imprisonment but, is that punishment equivalent to your lost pride and dignity? Okay, think of how nice Kunle has treated and given money anytime you are in need, and this simple favour he is asking you cannot give him.Ah, it will be very selfish of you not to give-in to his demand.Trust me, if you give it to him on a plater of gold, he will be respect and above all be faithful to you and you alone. In addition, all those stupid girls that are trying to snatch him away from you will no longer succeed again because you would have secured him for yourself. You should be thanking God that he has been patient with you all this while, if not he could have just picked another girl and tell you it is over, then you will come and be crying your eyes out. Be wise and stop acting like a child jare,” Aisha explained.
“Am I really that childish that everyone sees me, says the same thing, I must prove to them all that I’m not a child.” Angel murmured to herself.
“Thank you so much for your advice Aisha, that’s why I like you, you always tell me the truth and keep me updated. I guess we part ways here, I will see you in school tomorrow.” said Angel
“Tomorrow is weekend or will you be coming to school tomorrow for something else because I’m sure we don’t have lectures, so which is it?”, Aisha reminded.
“Oh silly me, I forgot today is Friday, okay then see you Monday morning”, Angel replied.
“Hell no, I will be seeing you later in the evening. One of my coursemate is hosting us for her birthday party happening in town this evening. You need to be there to cheer up and forget these problems that is weighing you down. We all need to chill and relax every once in a while, you know say body no be wood.” Aisha noted
They both aughed. “See you later in the evening then”, Angel agreed.

“Good day ma,” Angel greeted.
“How was lectures and your day?” inquired Angel’s mother.
Angel on recalling what transpired between her and Kunle and G boss, sighed carelessly.
“Children of nowadays you will not kill me with your reproach, during my time you will hardly get a chance to sit with your parents not to talk more of them talking to you and you are sighing. Who do you think you are,” Mrs. Vanessa pointed.
“I’m sorry ma, it was unintentional. But mummy gone are your days. This is the 21st century, our own time and age not yours, so complaining”. Angel said.
“In those days if you offend your parents you will kneel and apologize, and you are here exchanging words with me like an unshakable Iroko tree to prove what, tell me. Mrs. Vanessa noted.


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