The Change Nigeria Needs is YOU!

Our proud indigenous country,
My fathers land,
My heritage,
My Culture,
Where did our forefathers go wrong in bringing independence to our country?
Where did our amiable leaders go astray in seeking the best for its home?
Where did they go wrong in dreaming big?
Where have we failed to realize our potential?
Yes, we failed woefully
Where did our warriors go?
Where did the burning zeal to stand for our country fade?
Where did the team effort lay waste?
Where did this me, myself and I come from?
When we grow so deaf as to hear?
When did we grow too blind as to see?
When did we grow too weak as to stand out for our fathers land?
Suddenly, we are too proud of a culture that is not even ours to begin with
We want to blend with reigning thing, the new trend, the latest style,
Meanwhile loosing our true pride, and identity as an entity to the wind,
Oh look, how arrogant we have become even at the expense of our generation and generation unborn.


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  1. May God help our dear country

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  2. oldpoet56 says:

    This, is a great article, I am definitely going to reblog this article for you.


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