No more Excuses

I found out recently that giving excuses for shortcoming aren’t really the way out of them. Many at times its tempting to easily give an excuse for things I ought to have given my time and attention.

In all honestly, the irony is that it is Not the way out of these things. Responsibilities are there to shape you and bring out the best in you. Never by force but by choice. Never to scarce but to shares your expertise with the world.

Therefore, it is time to pick up challenge and face life head on. And in all you do, take responsibility for your action no matter how hard it might seem. Choose to admit your fault than making an excuse for it.

Happy new to you all. And may God see us through the year filled with fulfilment.



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  1. I love such positive attitude. Happy New Year to you. Wish you a successful and magnificent one! 🎊🎆

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