Lost but found

Amidst the struggle of life, we all loose ourselves every once in a while while trying to find our rightful place in this journey of life but when faced with such we don’t remain there or allow ourselves be swallowed in it.

We just got to stand stronger after each fall and say, “we have got this, Devil is a liar. For my God is bigger than this situation”.

There comes a time where we experience a different conflict. Different in the sense that, it is not like the normal conflict between one person and other person or thing. This is rather a conflict within oneself.

This kind of conflict occurs mostly when we are trying to fit in with this standards of this world and the standards we made for ourselves. It could also be a conflict between your real character and the character you adore.

And if there is anything I learnt from all these conflicts here and there is that you need to love yourself more than anyone else.

  • Appreciate yourself. You are simply the best. Speak good things to yourself.
  • Know and believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.
  • No matter the mistakes you made or the mess you think you are into. You need to stand strong, rise above all odds.
  • It’s never too late to over again.
  • Make a positive change. Think positively. Never give room to negativity or bitterness.

Start from the things that matter most to you. Then the others will fall in place.

God has got your back.

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