Age is not just number

Age is not just numbers it is days of experience.

Looking back at my life, my goals and principles as a person. Looking at how much I have grown, the things I have learnt, the bridges I have crossed, the failures i have encountered, the relationships I lost and the ones I gained, from the last two years till date I can’t help but say there is truly a God in heaven. The God that rescues, saves and restores. This God gave me the hope in my darkest moment. This same God rescued me from falling into ditches and life threatening Asthma condition. And he has groomed me to be the woman I have become today. I can’t help but say Thank you lord.

I hear people say God is their saviour then I never fully understood until it came to my doorsteps where I needed to be crucified and published for my mistakes. I even condemned myself before anyone would and I didn’t expect less from anyone but God just came to my aid. He not only graciously save me he also took away the guilt, the condemnation and gave a chance to be better.

Indeed, there is a God in heaven.

Happy birthday to me.

7 thoughts on “Age is not just number

  1. we ca’nt resist WISHING YOU A HAPPY is good of you to think of always God, and he is the one to give us sorrow or happiness, so that we should learn lesson everyday. BEST WISHES TO YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.

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