Easy to do nothing

It is high time we did more than just pointing an accusing fingers on others who trying make change in their own little way. It is no fault of theirs if they are getting it wrongly. It’s not everyone that can handle the weight of responsibility without breaking down once in a while. What right do we have to judge and criticize them. It is high time you starting making your own. It high you fit in their shoes and understand how tough or easy it is.

When people things well you should praise them for a job well them and they will do better next time.

And if they do things wrongly, it is easier to criticize them but the easy way is not always easy. Words can never be taken back.

So instead correct them with love and they would try their best not to break that trust you have in them.

Growing up as a child I was always too careful not to make a mistake or to do things wrong just so that I won’t be punished. And as a human being, I made many mistakes and my mum would scold me and even insult me in her anger. These insults never left me, they stayed with me till today, I always hear those angry voices in my head when I do something. Then, I would cry my life out till I slept off my sorrow.

But my Dad, when I grew older I stayed with my Dad. I observed that no matter how angry he was with my mistakes. He would give me an excuse( justify my actions with some understandable reasons) for acting that way. And conclude by saying, “you are better than this baby, I trust you would do your best next time”.

These words no matter how he says it, always comforts me and revives my fighting spirit. I always want to make him proud.

Let us do better than accusing others. Then we would all strive to be better.

5 thoughts on “Easy to do nothing

  1. IN OUR CHILD HOOD DAYS,WE WERE OFTEN SCOLDED BY OUR ELDERS FOR NOT SHOWING INTEREST IN STUDIES AND READING BOOKS LIKE CRIME NOVELS ETC. AT THAT TIME WE FELT BAD.BUT NOW WE FEEL THEY WERE SCOLDING OR ACCUSING US FOR OUR OWN GOOD ,SO THAT WE SHOULD COME UP IN LIFE. Thatbis why they say, those who scold us they do because they want to see us high up on life, and those who praise, us in front of us are merely not interested in our upcoming.SO IT IS JUST LIKE TWO SIDES OF A COIN

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  2. i have not si.ply said the above. i havr qouted what happened in my own life to be left as a person at a medocre level, because i did not heed to my brothers words when he reprimanded me for lacking in studies.Hence i said those who scold us really are interested in our future well being. perhaps you may realize later what i have said is true or not.

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