“Let there be light!”

God in his heavenly ways breathe on the dark world and gave it life. The world and everything in it is filled with such a dangerous darkness in various forms. Amongst men,and even in the heart of men.

Genesis 1:2, and he said let there be light, and there was light.

But God says today, let there be light. Just as light and darkness can not coexist. You can either choose to be in the dark or in the light.

Here God is offering a way and a chance to be the best we can be in the light. He is giving us a light to a perfect destination, a light to shine our path, a light to direct us to the right way and fulfilled life.

Once I found myself in a condition of loss, nothing mattered to me anymore. I lost all hope and faith in everything and anything. I felt like a garbage waiting to rot, and there was nothing to live for.

Not until I heard these words, “Let there be light…” It struck me I was in the dark and I am being offered a glaring light. Instantly I felt God’s presence in me. I received that light was kindled in my darkened heart and that changed everything. Everyday when I recount that moment I can’t help but appreciate the light, I constantly strive not to loose that light ever again.

You too should open your heart to receiving that light he is offering and experience a drastic change in everything.

“After all, without darkness there will never be light, neither will there be such need for the light.”

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