10 R’s to revival

  1. Realization- before any sin leaves u it destroys u
  2. Recognition -acceptance of failures and faults.
  3. Remorse-the need to change. The feeling of sorry and regrets.
  4. Resolutions- suggest a way out
  5. Restitution-ready to give anything in place.
  6. Returning- the need to return to the right track.
  7. Reconciliation- coming back and reconciling ur old self with the new self.
  8. Restoration- regaining yourself to your normal state.
  9. Redemption -transformation in change.
  10. Rejoicing- rejoicing for the liberation from sins.

Some people in life sin not deliberately maybe it’s mistake.

2 thoughts on “10 R’s to revival

  1. Thomas A Kempis had written that temptation enters the doors of our mind with flash of thought. If resisted in the beginning we succeed, if not the flash of thought becomes a strong imagination which leads to take the pleasure by sinning hurting our Lord. Let’s practice the 10 r’s in our lives. God bless you dear!

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