Anointing power

Many people continue to ask, how do I walk into a new dimensions of operational anointing, i.e a deeper grace of the presence and manifestations of God in my life and ministry. For every level of annointing, their are *missions* to undergo and in such missions, *temptations, trials, persecution and tests* will always be involved. *Faith* in execution of such missions is the bedrock on which one moves.
I will liken it to *game levels* whereby you need to do certain things, acquire some gems and weapons to be able to proceed into another dimension of Grace. The major problem is that many do not know or listens to the giver and dispenser of the Grace.
Most believe that let’s just read the word of God, fast and pray and I will dive into that realm; *no* it doesn’t work like that. For every mission, the word is used as a sword or as a guide to know what next to do. I have come to the understanding that most times *characters, self-control*, are majorly things you may need in achieving another dimensions of grace.
Let’s take a look at *Joseph* who had to flee from immorality, be punished for sincererity and be elevated into new height of *deeper relevance* in his generation. The *three friends of Daniel* had to be persecuted saying *even If the Lord will not save us we will still not worship your god* and they overcame and were elevated. *Abraham* our father in Faith believed God and was elevated.
Many and countless men knew how the times work because they knew not just the word but also came to an understanding *that the word must be used as a sword and a guide*. We continue to have a growing generation that cries out *Lord give us fire* 🔥but don’t know how to protect the fire. There are moments prayer is needed, and when I say prayers I mean *dying in the secret place* that’s where your *patience in waiting* is weighed, valued and rewarded. Many because they operate in miracles, see no reason to *wait in prayer* anymore, unknown to them that they can’t generate *the code of the Portal*.
Most gets tired on the road and like Elijah, must continue *for the road is still far*. Seeding and almsgiving too is needed in most cases. When you pray and study alone may not lead you to another dimensions but *seeding and almsgiving* will push you to another length of honor and relevance in the body of Christ.
I won’t end without mentioning *humility and love* the two *superpowers* that teleports one to grace in total, *the summation and encompasment* of all ways.
If you are not ready to *sacrifice and develop a BURDEN* anointing will be far from you. We pray that God helps and grants us his Grace to fellowship and know and follow through Christ our Lord. Thanks

*::::::::Holyspirit inspires💯%*

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