My Jewel

My jewel,
My crown,
My sunshine.
Times and seasons may come and go but I want you to know that I am always here for you.

Responsibilities and problems may come tearing and go but we will keep growing in love.
Fears and insecurities may arise scary but I stay.
It’s been three months now yet it seems like yesterday past, when you called and said I love you.
Closing the door of loneliness and uncertainty was harder when you were not here, but you came holding my arms tight shining firmly through the storm.

The drums are beating harder now, yet the journey keeps getting interesting by the day, glowing with your aroma intoxicates me more.
With you the laugh never grows soar.
This peace and love that overwhelms me never seems to run dry,
The perfect description of my prince charming.

With the signature of the spirit the flaming eyes of your love keeps unveiling the beauty within, exposing every flicking wrickle grown overtime. You ravashing every darkness that comes as a threat like it was nothing.

God is involved money can not be a barricade to our union, we understand the time of God is best and he will do it for us too in according to his perfect will.

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