5 tips on How to deal with bitterness and anger!

Have you tried countless times to deal with your anger or hot temperament? The good news is, there’s still hope for you! These are simple 5 tips on how to overcome your anger to love;

1. Talking openly about anger is often the first step to getting over it. We all feel disgruntled from time to time when one snubs us, a nasty driver cuts us off, our teenager provokes us, a parent doesn’t see things our way, an attendant snubs us and so on. Usually what begins with hurt ends in anger then bitterness. Because, it’s easier to take offense than to honestly confide our hurt. Although it’s normal to feel hurt or upset when something or someone wrongs us, yet, the problem comes when we let resentment go underground because we don’t talk things over and then pretend nothing happened only to look for a chance to retaliate.

2. It’s actually important to tell God or another person the specific things you remember about someone’s behavior that hurt you. Better still, picture your offender sitting down in an empty chair and then state your grievances to him/her(I recommend you do this privately; in your room). Be honest with yourself and don’t hide anything. This way you come in direct contact with your anger and gaining control of it. Honestly it won’t be easy, but, it will be worth the trouble.

3. Still in that posture (picturing), while facing your offender, tell him/her something positive; just note any single good thing he has done for anyone on Earth.

4. Wait to see their reactions, as you do so check out your heart to see for any new emotion.

5. Pray for them. You don’t have to like him/her to pray for him. Just ask God to help him. Make a firm resolve never to harbor anger(deliberate hatred) Whenever the thought of anger against another person arises, safeguard your heart’s with the good of the person.

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