How to write the best articles

An article is a written composition in magazines and newspapers meant for the consumption of the public. A good article must be interesting and attention arresting enough, such that once your reader engages reading your write up, he/she won’t drop it until the end, even the editor will not be bored at all.

Types of articles

  • Short story: This articles tells a story which aims to teach a lesson or stress a point.
  • Descriptive articles: Here, the writer is required to describe an event, occurrence or a place. Examples of such articles on a traditional marriage ceremony, an accident, and so on
  • Expository articles: this is concerned with an issue that is topical and of great interest to the public. Examples includes articles on lack of amenities, scarcity of water, activities of armed bandits, menace of beggars and so on.

A good article comprises of the following:

  • A catchy title which should be short and capitalized or underlined.
  • There should be proper linking paragraphs addressing a topic sentence.
  • At the end of the article, write your full name and surname. This should be at the right hand side of your article, with your address and phone number.
  • Should answer the WH questions (What/who, why, when, where, and how.)
  • Avoid the use of contracted forms like, can’t, won’t, shan’t, wouldn’t and so on.
  • Avoid the use of slangs
  • Ensure your facts are real and not based on assumptions.
  • Should be written in double line spacing, Times New Roman, not less than 500 words.

A good writer is not one that criticizes but one who admonishes.

Written by Timbushi Eunice Glandu

2 thoughts on “How to write the best articles

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