Five things the Bible does for you

These are the five insightful things that the word of God does for you. Affecting every area of your life and transforming you for the best. They are as follows;

1. The word is my life John 1:3,1:12,  2 cor 5:17, 1 peter 1:23, James 1:18,  we are born(sons, first fruits, incorruptible) of the word of God.
2. The word builds you, by making progress Acts 20:32,
3. the word gives us our inheritance in Christ Jesus, that we get all that God has allowed to us.
4. The word cleanses us, purifies us, from this terrible/negative things in worlds we hear.Use the word against negative thoughts, and sin and evil of the world to maintain your right standing and Holiness with God. John 15:3
5. The word is food for your spirit and nourishes you. Matt 4:4

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