Be strong and courageous

Sometimes, we may walk in unbelief many times and we fail to realize. Mark 11:23

First is the word of faith, you confess and confess

Second don’t doubt what you have said

Third the prayer of faith, believe that you receive

Then and only then you Shall have it.

Sometimes, things get worse before they get better. Just like a woman who a doctor tells that she is pregnant,

Don’t change your words, your words changes everything. When you speak don’t go back on Jesus said, you shall have what you say.

God’s principles

Joshua 1:6-9

God continually reminds Joshua to be strong and courageous before situations will confront you. Problems will keep coming that would question your faith and your God.

Fear and doubt may come but don’t voice it!

Voicing your fears you give it power over you. Don’t speak fear speak wins.

Say the victory, speak what the Lord says. Never be discouraged

Don’t expect to be treated nicely, only God treats you nicely. Get excited about your, get excited about what God is doing in you.

Sometimes, the best sight

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