Excellence and productivity in 2022

Training for excellence and productivity in 2022.

In Acts 20:28, keep watch over yourselves and until you do so you can not reach the flock. Even while you are at home,are you in touch with your members, and cell members.
Revelation 1:5, being a leader in the house of God is your first priority. you must magnify your office. you can’t afford to fail in your responsibility with God. you have to be excellent with the things God has entrusted to your care. excellence is a choice and you must choose it to produce excellent results. When you choose excellence, it motivates you.listen to pastor Chris message on the spirit of excellence.
When you are excellent in your responsibility as a cell leader your results are undeniable.

Daniel 6:1-5, the Bible says, Daniel had an excellent spirit. This is because he was accountable to the king, so that the king didn’t suffer loss. The life of a leader, a cell leader to remain accountable.
1. Reliability- Daniel stood out because he was trustworthy
2. Stability. there’s no stability without reliability. Are you responsible enough to be reliable.
3. Discipline – be disciplined enough to know when and where to answer the call of duty. We are not christians with a prayer time, we are christians with a consistent prayer life.
4. Eliminate excuses from your life, because there’s no excuse that is good enough for lack of responsibility to duty. Eliminate excuses why you don’t hold cell meetings, eliminate excuses because excuses reduces a man’s standard. We only give reasons for our accomplishment. the consequences of failures is death. when you fail to attend to responsibilities, we play with the soul Jesus died for. Failure is not allowed. to fail with these people is expensive, no half measures, always tell yourself, God can count on me, my parents can count on me, my employer can count on me.
5. Be zealous to have ten people of your kind. be zealous to train others that will be excellent like you.
6. Don’t stop learning, don’t surround yourself with things that are not relevant. Don’t engage in a relationship that will drag you out of the will of God. there’s urgency of time. Jesus is coming, God is counting on us.
7. Don’t copy others. it is not everybody you admire. Be inspired by excellent people results. be inspired by great men.
8. Rise above your environment. rise above Dutsin-Ma. don’t allow your environment culture you. Be excellent
9. Be prayerful.

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