Living A Successful Life For Jesus

Love language

Living a purposeful life is life of direction. You ought to live a life of purpose. You’re not called to solve problems but your assignment defines your are not called to be creative, you are called to be aligned.
Life is precedented on the discovery of purpose. What are you designed for?

Ways that leads to purpose;

God weighs men by the assignment, God has auction them carry out. The more you align to fulfill purpose, the more relevant you are in the kingdom. Vision is simply the ability to see into purpose. A  man that sees must be born of the spirit of God.
John 3:3-6, 5:20, 17:3, Matthew 13:10-13, Ephesians 4:18.

What kind of vision do you have?

How to station yourself to see Habakkuk 2:1. Are you standing upon your watch? What have been called to?

Someone left the presence of God and built a city. But physical success is not measured by what a man attains. John 15:4.

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