Safe place

Writing has always been my safe place. A safe place is essential for a sound mental and productive life especially for us in Nigeria, that can’t afford the luxury of hiring a psychiatrist for a therapy session. In such cases finding your safe place is just the best remedy.

For some people a safe place is a particular location where they can air out their views without having to worry about what or who concurs to it.

For some, a safe place is an religious location where they can burst out their negativity, fears and worries and almost immediately embrace what they can’t change and heed to their inner soul.

While to some others, a safe place is a hobby they get to engage in whenever they are stressed out or anxious, so that they can offload their cares and reload their attitude in check.

Finding my feet in Life hasn’t been so rosy for me. I struggled with identity crisis for a long time. Then, I stumbled into WordPress, a blogging community where I learnt more about writing. From then on, I discovered my safe place ever since.

Writing became a safe place where I can fusion myself into every character and still maintain balance with the world. A place where my views are heard in a world of so many voices. It’s also a place where I can unwind, rewind and flow through time.

Find your safe place!
I will capture some of my previous and current writing.
Stay tuned!
Follow me on this writing journey.

Timbushi Eunice Glandu

2 thoughts on “Safe place

  1. I’m glad you found a safe place on this platform, Eunice. Indeed, writing can be therapeutic. Yes, it requires a lot of effort and consistency, but it’s worth it. Take advantage of the community of like minds here too. Connect and engage them as much as you can. As it’s said, ‘iron sharpens iron.

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