This is a necessary evil to many victims who find themselves caught up in the act.
To the world, it is a evil that must be eradicated by all means.
The fact is abortion is a 50:50 way street, chances of survival is very slim. Is your life truly worth the risk?

To every pregnant lady contemplating this act this is for you;

I won’t religiously tell you that it’s against the will of God. I won’t tell you it’s a sin, because you know all that.
But what I will tell what I would tell a sister and a loved one;
You’re loved far beyond what you can imagine. So, if you can, please don’t go ahead with that decision to terminate the pregnancy.

What’s the worst that can happen, if you keep the child?
Let’s weigh the cost, it’s not as expensive as you think, to keep the baby.
Oh yes it’s not!

  1. You can keep the child.
    You can give the child up for adoption after you delivery that is if you can’t feed an extra hand. Many woman out there like you will love and cherish that seed God wonderfully planted in you today. Thousands of women are childless out there, you could just be their answer to prayer.
  2. The Fear!
    The Fear of what to tell your parents is nothing compared to the pain of abortion or untimely death.
    The Fear of facing the world is nothing compared with the torture of dying an unfulfilled life.
    Abortion is the most scariest thing I have ever seen in my whole. The ripping apart of your womb. The blood of an innocent child on your hands.
    It’s not a sight to behold!!!
  3. The society?
    I always told my friend and I tell you that, people will always talk! Listen to me, they will talk!
    So let them talk, that’s why God gave them mouths to do so. If you can’t stand the pressure, move to somewhere else.
    Every pregnant woman needs all the love and support she can get. That includes even those women shamed by the society as, ‘wayward and lacks good home training’. Every friend that despises you in your day of trial may not actually be your friend.
  4. Your parents?
    Your parents may be hurt, and that’s because they love you. They may be disappointed, it’s understandable. Your parents may threaten to disown you or even do so, it happens. You are not the first, nor will you be the last to experience such.
    But, one thing I know your parents will never want is to see you lifeless or dead tomorrow. So pick up yourself and stand tall.
    They may despise and reject you today, but tomorrow they will embrace you. This pregnancy may someday be your reason to thank God.

Give that child a chance!

┬ęTimbushi, Eunice Glandu.

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