Sex and relationships

3 things you need to know about sex
Sex is not a gesture of love.
Even with sex nowadays people still go ahead to cheat, tongue lashing, abuse and do all manner of things. “If you truly love me, then show me?” Have heard countless ladies say so and many of them even after indulging in such still don’t end up convinced.
Sex is not to show appreciation.
Till this very moment they are countless arguments about this. They are many ways to show appreciations apart from sex, say thank you in nice words, greeting cards, being there for something as a friend apart from sex. Sex is not always the answer.
Sexual immorality is not just a mere sin (something wrong/unacceptable), it’s deeper than that it’s a act conscious, and premeditated. Its like slapping your father in the face and saying it’s okay. If it’s okay then why is it done in secrecy?

Sex is a mind game. It starts from the mind if you keep having an image of naked people, that ignites the urge to arise. And you start hunting for anything available to ease the crave.

Sex weakens the hormones, the physical and spiritual strength of a man especially footballers as they exact a lot of energy during training. As sex involves a release of hormones which gradually weakens the body and the immune system becomes weak against diseases.

Ways to overcome sex

1. Intentionally make a sole decision/make up your mind not to do it. Wave off the thought when it comes across your mind.
2. Be open minded to inspirations and positive vibes and shun negative thoughts.
3. Giving yourself to meditate on the word of God, (feed your mind on the word of God, motivationals and inspirationals)
4. Avoid every and any opportunity to be alone with opposite sex and desist from anything contrary to what you set.
Temptations will arise but don’t give in to it RESIST it, always remember your body is the temple of God!

© Timbushi, Eunice Glandu.

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