5 tips on How to deal with bitterness and anger!

Have you tried countless times to deal with your anger or hot temperament? The good news is, there’s still hope for you! These are simple 5 tips on how to overcome your anger to love;

1. Talking openly about anger is often the first step to getting over it. We all feel disgruntled from time to time when one snubs us, a nasty driver cuts us off, our teenager provokes us, a parent doesn’t see things our way, an attendant snubs us and so on. Usually what begins with hurt ends in anger then bitterness. Because, it’s easier to take offense than to honestly confide our hurt. Although it’s normal to feel hurt or upset when something or someone wrongs us, yet, the problem comes when we let resentment go underground because we don’t talk things over and then pretend nothing happened only to look for a chance to retaliate.

2. It’s actually important to tell God or another person the specific things you remember about someone’s behavior that hurt you. Better still, picture your offender sitting down in an empty chair and then state your grievances to him/her(I recommend you do this privately; in your room). Be honest with yourself and don’t hide anything. This way you come in direct contact with your anger and gaining control of it. Honestly it won’t be easy, but, it will be worth the trouble.

3. Still in that posture (picturing), while facing your offender, tell him/her something positive; just note any single good thing he has done for anyone on Earth.

4. Wait to see their reactions, as you do so check out your heart to see for any new emotion.

5. Pray for them. You don’t have to like him/her to pray for him. Just ask God to help him. Make a firm resolve never to harbor anger(deliberate hatred) Whenever the thought of anger against another person arises, safeguard your heart’s with the good of the person.

Never forsaken

Joshua 1:5
[5]No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

God knows you since before you were conceived. He knows that the road is rough, he knows that you can get weary and weak.
He knows all about you even before you became. So our weakness shouldn’t push us away from him. Nooo!

It should draw us even closer to Him. With the assurance of His wonderful promises that he never leaves us. Even in your worst moments he is there. Even when you feel as though you can’t continue anymore, he is there.
His faithfulness makes his availability unconditional. But how blinded by our circumstances have you been to see his unfailing love! How oblivious can we get not to recognize that even though he always us he never turns his back on us.

He says, “I will never leave you or forsake you”.
Even in that moment of weakness, “I will never leave you”.
Our mistakes should never be an excuse to abandon God, he doesn’t condemn you.
Please don’t fail him by running, his mercies are new every morning. There’s nothing too big for him to do with you and for.

Oh if only you knew that the mistakes you made today that is making you feel like he is not happy and disappointed at your actions are actually pathway to your testimony tomorrow.
Yes he is God, Yes he feels unhappy with the wrong actions to took or made. But that is an indication of how much he loves you and he doesn’t want you to fail. That is just an indication that your relationships with him was bridged by that act. At such instance, the best action is not to run away from him, but you run to him.

Call upon Him. Afterall he is your maker, he knows you better than you know yourself. Come to him and he Purge him and make you his righteousness.
And if you forsake him because of self guilt and regrets, Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.(Revelation 2:4) your love and devotion to him shouldn’t make you run away when you are wrong rather it makes you run faster to embrace his help for you to be the best you can be.
He loves you and will never forsake you.

God bless you.


1 Corinthians 2:14
[14]The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

To every natural man spiritual things seems like foolishness. But for we the believers it’s not just our reality and it’s our source of power.

I remember when I first gave my life to Christ, Brother Tega would sit me down and spend hours teaching me the scriptures in the Bible revealing the gift of God’s love and presence to me. As I listened to those words, something within me kept leaping for joy like an overflow, it was strange.
But they pushed me to know God for myself, I would sit for 3hours listening to the word of God but it would seem as though we just opened the Bible now and none getting tired. Each time I went back home to my Bible, every word taught came alive and more detailed to me. Sometimes in the night it would as if I was in a class receivng this lessons and taking notes and would wake up with songs of praises in lips, then, I remember the verse which says,
“This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words. (1 Corinthians 2:13) and my eyes opened to God’s love and beauty.

But everyone else didn’t understand this, I will try to explain how I felt but they would say I was just fooling around and wasting my precious time on these SILLY things. To them, it was foolish and SILLY but it was reality for me as I could literally see them playing out in my daily life.

Even Jesus rebuking the words of Peter said, Get thee behind me Satan! Thou art an offense unto me; for thou savorest not the things that be of God but to those that be of men.(Matthew 16:23) So the devil makes spiritual things like an offense and a taboo so that we as to kill trust and faith in the things of God. Then he DEVIL derives his pleasure and savour in dragging us away with the casual things of men. How foolish have we truly been to be carried away by this deception?
But the believers are of advantage when we come into the government of God, we become eye witnesses to the power of our Lord Jesus Christ’s majesty by not following the cunningly devised fables of the world (2 Peter 1:16)

They might never believe you, or they might call you crazy when you talk about God and your experiences with Him, but don’t relent. Keep pressing for more of Him because you are no longer an ordinary you are one with God. Keep pressing!

May God open our eyes and ears to the realities resident in Christ.

God bless you

Find your place

It’s disasterous to see well meaning, amazing and talented youths wasting their lives just dreaming of a life they have not worked for.

A wise man once said, “if you want to have a lion’s share, you must first have the lion’s heart.”

Then it dawned on me that, as much as God will help me to actualize my dreams I also needed work on myself not just by seeing the bigger picture but also by bringer that picture to life. How you may ask?

Firstly, it’s important to find your place in life in order to excel. I’m not saying you should keep dwelling on your past achievement and victories or trophy, NO! I mean get out there and be a solution solver, be a blessing to yourworld. I congratulate you for your successful achievements so far, but there’s more. You are more than that. You mustn’t wait till you are Aristotle to make a change, you start now by making a change. This life is filled with needs, we need more teachers, singers, writers, thinkers, scientist and so on. What makes you stand out is your ability to bring out that unique trait of your to the table of needs. Find yours, we need it urgently.

Also, your ability to discover your place is one thing, then the ability to do it is another. Sometimes, these things looks easier said than done, true, but there’s no harm in trying. Never allow that cloud of illusion that you aren’t good enough overwhelm you. You are simply the best version of yourself, all you need is just keep practicing and practicing, try out those new stuffs, write those crazy ideas. Today these attempts may seem foolish, useless or even like a waste of time but tomorrow you will enjoy it’s fruit. It’s always to die trying than not trying at all.

“A seed doesn’t grow into a tree in a day.”

Don’t stop believing in yourself, you can do anything!

God loves you and the world eagerly waits for the Dangote you become


Deuteronomy 31:8
[8]The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

We tend to think God is only good when the going is good. Nooo
Our God is the God all!
Do you feel you can’t go on with life anymore? Do you feel you don’t have anyone or anything?

When you are tired of life everyday challenges and you feel you can continue, he says I will never forsake you! Even when you are weary, remember he is not just your strength but he never forsake you
When confronted with adverse trials and persecution, remember even in that condition he says, I will never forsake you? There’s definitely no trial that is bigger than our God and everything works for our good even when it doesn’t look like it.

God has given us his assurance but he is saying you should never forsake him. When all you prayer request for a job gets answered and will you steal spend time for prayer or study?, don’t forsake him!

When the money comes will you still spend create time for him, Don’t forsake me? When you have gotten deliverance and the going is good for you, God is saying don’t forsake me? When you don’t seem to have to be busy and the workload unending, will you still spend time with studying his word?

Today he is saying don’t leave your intimacy with me. Don’t forsake our dealings for the search of money, it’s the same God that giveth and taketh.
Say with me, father I will remain in you all the days of my appointed time, help me to stay true and committed to you in Jesus name, amen.

Further studies
Joshua 1:5
Revelation 2:4
God bless you.

Breaking Free


The stress and embarrassment I was left with every single time I had an attack was enough experience of a lifetime. It actually tears out a piece of my humanity. No wonder I was more at peace with myself when everywhere is ghost-quiet. But with a trauma like this staying alone was a little far from my reach. I died a over and over again at the loss of breathe. The trauma that followed is not as excruciating as the pain of being a walking dead. I was only 12 when I started noticing rigorous symptoms of uncontrollable gasping. Before the whole thing started I remember having a wierd dream. I couldn’t yet comprehend the reason why I found myself running with every strength in me like my entire life depended on it, I ran till I missed a step and fell roughly to the ground, and my eyes opened to reality. That was how I woke up gasping and sweating perfumously, it took alot out of Mummy to calm me down that day. The intensity and the freight that accompanied the dream left a lingering stench, as though I lost of a piece of myself there, yet I couldn’t get a grip of what to make of it. Ever since I still finding myself gasping for air whenever I engage myself in any tedious activities. On disclosing the dream to mum, she panicked, she said it was more of spiritual than physical.
It didn’t stop there, I started noticing other strange signs, whenever I try to lift something heavy I felt the weight in my chest. I thought it was normal for anyone to feel the weight of whatever they’re carrying, especially for a heavy load. The persistent signs got me and mum worried when sometimes at the break of dawn, I would wake up feeling as though a heavy load had been placed on my chest and an invisible arrow piercing through my body. Also noticed I developed a strange fury welling from within at the slightest provocation like a burning coal is put in my chest. The peak of everything was when I tried going out for a morning jogging with my Dad barely 5 minutes along the line my chest became too heavy, I felt nauseated and totally weak. Before you can say Jack Robinson, I was off. My dad had to rush me back home for fear of the unknown.
After series of X-ray and scanning, I was diagnosed of Acute Asthma, as a result of a generic allergies. Seeing the shocking reactions of mummy and daddy at the announcement made me disgusted by whatever it was that the doctor meant. I listened with rapt attention as the doctor mentioned some important things about the condition I found myself.
‘She must be shielded from cold, smoke, dust, if possible she should be exempted from sweeping, exercises, and doing strenuous tasks that is anything that will stress her,’
I could literally see my whole world crumbling as he spoke, every words hitting me as a sharp sword piercing through my heart, I could not imagine what my life would look like. Even as reality dawned on me that I could not stand all the things he mentioned every second of my life ever since that moment has been nothing short of a nightmare I’m so eager to wake up from.


The bitter look on Dad’s face each time I escape an attack usually throws me off the wheel. I hear the screams of pain in his eyes whenever he looks at me, I know that trace of disappointment at the condition we on ground yet overwhelmed guilt of helplessness. Unlike mum Dad doesn’t believe in herbal medicine. But one thing he always believes that ‘Only God can heal and save a person.’ Although he knows he doesn’t pray much as a man of few words. He definitely believes that God will heal his princess soon.
My younger brother particularly narrated an incidence that occurred a certain day I had an attack in the car while my dad was driving us to school. I wasn’t quite sure I could recall the whole incident as I was mostly unconscious, but I remember vividly how a certain Road Safety Marshal stopped our car, siezed dad’s car keys and was asking dad series of unnecessary questions. I waited patiently next to the wheel with my brother stealthily playing candy crush game on my dad’s iPhone.
At this point Dad was concerned for his car keys more than the long sermon the Road Marshal was preaching. With all the fuss and buss my dad forgot to raise the glasses of the car exposing me to the polluted air, and possible triggers of an attack. Funny enough I wasn’t at all worried about all these things. I couldn’t help myself with the well of joy, and excitement welling up from within, and I was so amazingly embraced the opportunity to enjoy the mind-blowing fresh air after a long time. To feel the caresss of a beautiful weather without fears or worries, everyone was engrossed in one activity or the other.
The sudden droziness like a battery runs out from hundred to ten in a twinkling of an eye. Then uncontrollable gasping and crankiness got me agitated, I knew what was ahead of me. I could literally feel as every effort to take a breath was taking life out of me. By each passing second my body became heavy for me to move I could hardly raise my hand to my brother who was just sitting behind me.
I couldn’t help it, I hated myself the more for being so dependent on others, imagine if I wasn’t with my family members, instead with a hater like mummy Praise, our yoruba neighbor who sighed each time she heard I had an attack, she believes it a sickness for those who had obanje , spirits in them. Once I caught her saying, people should leave me to my creator, if he so deem fit he should just take my life. I Thank God such a person is not my mother, she would have definitely killed me with her hands one day, I believe she is definitely my number one frenemy. That instant I understood why mummy was so sceptical about my movements. Thank God, when I started wheezing, a squaky sounds in my chest, it made my younger brother sensitive enough to realize I was having an attack. By that time my Dad was already far-fetched in an intense argument with the road safety officer.
He tried to locate the inhaler but he couldn’t find it in my bag, ‘ I don’t know whether it was the fear of loosing you or the tension arising each minute I hear u wheeze’ my younger brother narrated. It was only after we landed the hospital that I realized that the inhaler was actually in my pocket the whole time.
‘Daddy it’s Sabina, it… It….. has started!
It was like a alarm ran on Dad’s head, that instance he rushed to the road safety officer, gave him a dirty slap on the main road and snatched his car keys out of his hand. He declared with boiling anger, “if anything happens to my baby girl I will hold you and your entire family responsible.”
By the time we got to the car, bystanders had gathered around, they had unbutton your uniform in order to help you breath properly and to ease the chest tightness. Sighting you like that further enraged Dad the more as he is shouted, “where’s the inhaler.”
“I couldn’t find it anywhere”.
‘How could you be so careless with something like this, that inhaler is like her second life, must you children be careless with everything.’ Dad was really mad anything he said at that point made little or no sense to me. All I wanted was for Sabina to be well again, I didn’t even realize when one of your sandals fell off. I barely realize when one of the bystanders stretched out to give me the sandals. I felt pained and pity for my sister who was lying almost lifeless, trying as hard as she could to stay alive.
Then Dad remembered the one inhaler keeps in the car for emergencies like this recently ran out. He ran into the car and we dashed to the nearest hospital. The tension in the car was so tensed that it was as if I was going to die the next minute.
On reaching there daddy called out to the attendant and nurses, ‘Emergency, it’s an asthma crisis.Please nurse, save my daughter, she is all I have got.’
Admist the tears welling up in his eyes, he eagerly wanted to hide from the world, it was absurd to see a man in tears, it was a sign of weakness. But at this point, the only thing Dad could think of next was to go on his knees in prayer, he prayed fervently after which he placed a call to my mum. My younger brother said he had never seen daddy cry but that day was his first to him, daddy looks adorable in tears.
I was rushed to A and E, Accident and Emergency ward where immediate treatment was administed nebulizer treatment.
Before you say Jack Robinson I was just alright. As soon as I opened my eyes, I requested for my dad. He dashed into the ward as soon as the nurse told him I had regained consciousness and held my hands so tightly expressing a deep sigh of relief after on beholding my face. I tried to fake and smile but my looks betrayed me as the oxygen mask was still on my face. He managed to ask, ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded in affirmation.
‘Thank God you survived to this one, be careful next time, I keep telling you countless times to take your inhaler everywhere you go, we need to stop taking things lightly, I would soon get you a rope that you will tieing the inhaler round your waist’. Mummy stated indifferently on arriving the hospital, no more no less. sometimes I wished she said more .


I felt like a shambles to my parents for being a helpless burden instead of a savoury blessing to their lives. The inept pain they felt each time they had to watch me pass through life and death roll at every single attack makes me feel like murderer by stealing the joy they are meant to be enjoying. Whenever I see my mates bringing joy and happiness to their parents I felt dying was the best option for me rather than living this life of continual pains and sorrows to my beloved. It was more like I was a misfit. I spend majority of the time sober on my bed rather than in school with my mates. Questioning the very essence of my existence. Each unpredictable moment of my life, I had to learn to live at the mercy of others. I was so drown in self pity that I cared little or less about the giftings of life. I died a million times on that bed just imagining why God would allow such an incurable disease befall me.
I pictured myself dying a thousand times by each attack I went through. I myself didn’t see the need to live again, I was exasperated. The very essence of a blissful childhood was cut short for me as I had to avoid many things that are expected of the average child of my age. I was exempted from my normal household chores in my own home not to talk more of in someone else’s. I was excluded from going next or near my favorite junction the kitchen for any reason, I wasn’t allowed to fry anything or pound pepper. I couldn’t even engage in sport activities as it could trigger an attack. A day wouldn’t pass without someone telling what I ought to take, or do and what not to. or pound pepper. I couldn’t even engage in sport activities as it could trigger an attack. A day wouldn’t pass without someone telling what I ought to take, or do and what not to. I was downcast, helpless and weak.
‘I won’t take this, only God knows what was mixed in this so called Islamic medicine!’ I cried.
‘Please open your mouth and take the agbo, herbal medicine. I strongly believe this one will work,’ Mum pleaded. She so much believes that every sickness has a cure. According to her, ‘every medicine in the hospital was originated from the herbs, agbo, freely given to us by God, the only difference is just the packaging.’ I can’t blame her, I for one, have had to take series of inhalers and other bronchial medications for you, all to no avail. As an African woman that she is, she had to resort to any and everything spiritual and traditional herbal medicines could offer for a solution.
‘That was what you said the other day we went to olumba olumba, cherubim and seraphim church that the so called Man of God called me an obanje, evil spirit. As if that was not enough, he rebaptized me with anointing oil and mixed holy water and salt, in the name of medicine for me to drink for a whole month. As if all these didn’t mean anything to you, but to further add salt to my injury, what about the powder that the Mallam said I should drink with nunu, pure cow milk. To crown it again with all night deliverance prayers we had to attend for three nights……’ I lamented sickly.
‘I will never give you something I’m not sure of the source, these are agbo, herbal medications and possible treatment for this deadly sickness you are forced to bear on your small tender shoulders, my child.’ Mummy says softly, ‘we are doing all these with faith that one works out as the cure and I will not relent until you are completely whole and well like every normal child of your age’.
I couldn’t but give in to her demands. I understand the pain and hurt she was forced to embrace whenever she saw me in that condition, and she still has to put on a cheerful and bright smile for me so that we both don’t end up breaking down to the detriment of my health. I understood how she felt having to watch her only baby girl grow up with an ailment she was not born with, while, she folded her hands to watch as her mates were enjoying their youthful exuberance. Although I have no incling of what motherhood entails, but I know her hurt she must be feeling.When other children helped their parents out with household chores she was forced to prevent me from doing these things. Infact I was barely 16 but I could see the tears behind her glowing smile, whenever she was alerted by my school teachers that I just had an attack. Looking at the embarrassment, the tension, even the torturous rumours of the neighbors, that accompanied the attack was enough pain in the neck.
She would always whisper to me each time she noticed the tears, ‘dont blame yourself, you will be fine, this is just part of your testimony.’
At this point suicide was more appealing to me than eating. I was better off dead than living. I felt like mummy and daddy should have given up on me, I am undeserving of all the love and attention that I received. I couldn’t bear the feelings any longer, I knew I wasn’t strong enough for all these I had completely lost faith in life, nothing made sense anymore. Not untill a neighbor Mrs Johnson, came over to the house telling my mom how a friend of hers died of asthma crisis the previous month. And how her grandmother suffered the same trauma for 15 solid years till she outgrew it. I didn’t really get the full gist of it but I heard a statement from her that changed my entire mindset about everything.
She said, ‘your daughter is no better than those who are dying daily of an asthma attack but she is still living strong with it and surviving every single attack victoriously so take pride that she will definitely overcome, possibly outgrow it too as she advance.’
This statement opened my eyes to the reality that are alot more people who are suffering this same trauma and even worse. It somehow closed my ears to the ringing insults and the pains I feel and helped me feel fortunate to live the moment. And also help me look beyond myself. From then, I made a solemn decision to always be grateful for each passing second and minute. I learned to take each day as it comes, enjoy every moment, with the understanding that it might just be my last. I tried as much as possible to be happy and put smiles on the faces of the people around especially my parents. I never want them to feel bitter about my predicament even though it is inevitable.


I was about 20 now with no sign of improvement, I held strong to my convictions that I will be victorious someday. When a childhood friend of mine, Solomon started talking to me about a prayer meeting he attends every Saturday by 12pm. There was this particular glowing look on his face anytime he returns from the meeting that made me curious. He gave me a special invitation although I was sceptical about it I felt honored to be informed. I didn’t bother telling my mom or dad about it, as Roman Catholics I wasn’t expecting a Yes for an answer. When I finally received a call from Him to find out if I would still make it for the prayers, I still wasn’t sure even by 11pm if I would go or not. Then I song kept on ringing through my mind, “Something more than Gold,” by popular artist Judikay. The part kept ringing in my heart, ‘….as the deer panthers for water so my soul longs for you, forever and ever, yes my heart beats for you. Something more than….’ I raced joyfully to the church venue.
On arriving the program It had already far begun with not many youngster. There was some people already gathered. There was something insanely stricking about this youngster. It was when the bomb, the one holding the microphone started leading the prayers that I realized why this youngster were exceptional. They prayed as though the whole world depended on it, then I realized I knew little or nothing about prayers. I struggled to pray, I located a corner, went on my knees and poured my heart to God, I said, ‘Lord, please help me, please come to my rescue.’
I was determined in my heart and soul that I will never leave that venue the way I came. The tables turned entirely when the next MOG, Man of God, took over. Immediately he saw me, he said, do you think we are here to joke? Come, he signaled me out. It seems you think we are here to joke but in the presence of God, no jokes. God will have mercy on you today, then he blasted in strange language with all seriousness.
I couldn’t explain why I felt a heavy burden on my chest, I just couldn’t help the rivers of water that was welling in my eyes. I cried uncontrollably, I couldn’t care less about the people or what they were doing anymore, I was more concerned about crying out this burden. I cried the more realizing that if God doesn’t come to my help that would be the end of my life, I cried to free myself and my heart from every disappointment I feel in myself. With the mindset that maybe God could rescue me if I cried. When I was done crying out my heart, he was still ministering. He was talking to other people about their problems, Then he returned to me, he said he sees an unclean spirit in me, I was broken apart. That moment it dawn on me how much I needed God to reach out to me. Then the Man of God said a word of prayer upon my life, He said, in the name of Jesus you are free from every limitations and stagnation. That instance I fell to the ground, I tried getting to my feet but I felt like as hot coal has been placed on my legs I couldn’t stand properly. I jumped and limbed in bewilderment as every eyes were on me to see the cause of the reactions but nothing, they was no physical explanation whatsoever to what was going on with me. Then he said, out of thy belly shall flow rivers of living water.
At that moment I felt a tap released in my stomach, and water gushing out within me. I couldn’t help but shout, as though the shouting was an ease to the immeasurable rush in my stomach, it continued like that until I finally received an infilling of the spirit with the evidence of praying in tongues. That day marked another drastic turn around, I could feel the wave of fire surging up in my bones.

My testimony

Inspired from a true life story

Walk-in Faith

Hebrews 11:3
[3]By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things yet seen. In the kingdom we walk by our faith in God, how much we believe and trust him.

Our faith in God is the birth of our true experiences of God in our lives. You move mountains to the dept of our faith/convictions in God.
Faith in God through the word is the perfect term for the life we are called to live by,Only by faith in God, the elders obtained a good report and same is applicable even today.

God owes no man, once you trust him completely, he always shows up to prove his integrity. So the extent to which you go far in this kingdom is determined by how much of himself you are willing to hold unto by faith. But when you ask, you must ask in faith and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.(James 1:6)

And yes, faith just like gold is surely tested by the fire of trials and temptations. So as to determine your level of trust in God for yourself to the end that God is glorified in your tryings.(1 Peter 1:7)
By faith Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sara received the promises of God and it was righteousness unto them(Hebrews 11:6). All we need to do is to trust and obey, because without faith it’s impossible to please God. If God says it, I believe it.

Further studies
James 1:6
Hebrews 11

God bless you


How easy it is to blame others for our mistakes?

Coming face to face with reality and having to deal with the bitter sweet events that we encounter. I find myself asking what if I had done things quite differently certainly things wouldn’t turn out so bad.

Looking at those times now, I realize that was the scheme of the devil to keep me from rising above my flaws.

It’s okay to fall, it’s okay to make mistakes, after all, that’s why we are humans. But, you have no excuse to remain on down. It’s okay that you couldn’t attain the grades you wanted, it okay that things didn’t work out as planned. Yes life is filled with crabby situations, sometimes you step on thorns and sometimes you step on gold.

“No matter how dark the night, the star will always shine”.

The worst mistake you can ever make is not falling down, the worst mistake is not rising up. Down give up yourself, so many people are counting on you, so many destinies are tied up to yours.

God is counting on you so, to Arise and Shine!

Stars never stop shining no matter how dark the night gets, Arise and Shine!

Too late to run

Too late to run.
Like the cracks of bottles when it hits the ground leaving a resounding fear so I saw my life break into millions. I was undeniably helpless now but I couldn’t see it.

The rush, the tension, and the need to do better engulfed the bitterness welling up from within me, I knew it and I was unapologetic about it “but I’m not ready yet…”
I could sense it catching up with me from miles away yet I managed to wave it off, it was a lot easier to just say, ‘I’m fine’, than to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

The first two weeks I succeeded in beclouding myself with the constant hustle bottled with the overwhelming need to do the needful to put something presentable on the table.

Yet stench still wouldn’t go away, it kept lingering on and on in my head like a nursery rhymes my Mama sang while I was a baby ‘Bla bla black sheep, have you any woo….’

I don’t know how much longer I can do this, but I know I had to let the past be in the past. It lingered on, but this time around I have to be an adult, I have to use my head. Oh yes I looked bigger now, but I wished I could get back that joy I had lost trying to be bigger, even God couldn’t help me this time.

I knew I had to face my fears, and accept my faults and deal with it. I just couldn’t see myself move past, that moment, and day that turned me into a living-ghost. The pain was unceremoniously buried underneath the stress leaving me stuck. I couldn’t afford to open that door, it’s too expensive now.

I wish I could just move on as though nothing happened, I wish I could just loose my memory and start afresh, I wish…..!!!

I couldn’t help myself from feeling guilty, as I lived everyday dying slowly.
Lord! Where are you?

My Jewel

My jewel,
My crown,
My sunshine.
Times and seasons may come and go but I want you to know that I am always here for you.

Responsibilities and problems may come tearing and go but we will keep growing in love.
Fears and insecurities may arise scary but I stay.
It’s been three months now yet it seems like yesterday past, when you called and said I love you.
Closing the door of loneliness and uncertainty was harder when you were not here, but you came holding my arms tight shining firmly through the storm.

The drums are beating harder now, yet the journey keeps getting interesting by the day, glowing with your aroma intoxicates me more.
With you the laugh never grows soar.
This peace and love that overwhelms me never seems to run dry,
The perfect description of my prince charming.

With the signature of the spirit the flaming eyes of your love keeps unveiling the beauty within, exposing every flicking wrickle grown overtime. You ravashing every darkness that comes as a threat like it was nothing.

God is involved money can not be a barricade to our union, we understand the time of God is best and he will do it for us too in according to his perfect will.

Anointing power

Many people continue to ask, how do I walk into a new dimensions of operational anointing, i.e a deeper grace of the presence and manifestations of God in my life and ministry. For every level of annointing, their are *missions* to undergo and in such missions, *temptations, trials, persecution and tests* will always be involved. *Faith* in execution of such missions is the bedrock on which one moves.
I will liken it to *game levels* whereby you need to do certain things, acquire some gems and weapons to be able to proceed into another dimension of Grace. The major problem is that many do not know or listens to the giver and dispenser of the Grace.
Most believe that let’s just read the word of God, fast and pray and I will dive into that realm; *no* it doesn’t work like that. For every mission, the word is used as a sword or as a guide to know what next to do. I have come to the understanding that most times *characters, self-control*, are majorly things you may need in achieving another dimensions of grace.
Let’s take a look at *Joseph* who had to flee from immorality, be punished for sincererity and be elevated into new height of *deeper relevance* in his generation. The *three friends of Daniel* had to be persecuted saying *even If the Lord will not save us we will still not worship your god* and they overcame and were elevated. *Abraham* our father in Faith believed God and was elevated.
Many and countless men knew how the times work because they knew not just the word but also came to an understanding *that the word must be used as a sword and a guide*. We continue to have a growing generation that cries out *Lord give us fire* 🔥but don’t know how to protect the fire. There are moments prayer is needed, and when I say prayers I mean *dying in the secret place* that’s where your *patience in waiting* is weighed, valued and rewarded. Many because they operate in miracles, see no reason to *wait in prayer* anymore, unknown to them that they can’t generate *the code of the Portal*.
Most gets tired on the road and like Elijah, must continue *for the road is still far*. Seeding and almsgiving too is needed in most cases. When you pray and study alone may not lead you to another dimensions but *seeding and almsgiving* will push you to another length of honor and relevance in the body of Christ.
I won’t end without mentioning *humility and love* the two *superpowers* that teleports one to grace in total, *the summation and encompasment* of all ways.
If you are not ready to *sacrifice and develop a BURDEN* anointing will be far from you. We pray that God helps and grants us his Grace to fellowship and know and follow through Christ our Lord. Thanks

*::::::::Holyspirit inspires💯%*