Lost but found

Amidst the struggle of life, we all loose ourselves every once in a while while trying to find our rightful place in this journey of life but when faced with such we don’t remain there or allow ourselves be swallowed in it. We just got to stand stronger after each fall and say, “we have…

Atiku or Buhari

That’s the debate everywhere. In the end one must be the winner and there must be a loser. Whatever result it amounts to we pray it is definitely for the best. We pray for a better leader. A better country and a tomorrow.

What do you have to offer the world?

The world we live in is no longer interested in our potential. It is rather interested in who you are and what you can offer (what you have). Like it or not it is a give and take syndrome we play every time. If you are a nobody you are not going anywhere. If you…

Fallen Standards

“Those days if you offend your parents you will kneel and apologize, and you are here exchanging words with me like an unshakable Iroko tree to prove what, tell me.” Mrs. Vanessa noted. Angel conscious of her mistake, apologized, “I’m very sorry ma”. “It’s okay you can go before you annoy me again,” Mrs Vanessa….

No more Excuses

I found out recently that giving excuses for shortcoming aren’t really the way out of them. Many at times its tempting to easily give an excuse for things I ought to have given my time and attention. In all honestly, the irony is that it is Not the way out of these things. Responsibilities are…

Skimming / Scanning reading

Introduction We cannot discuss skimming without scanning, and verse-versa. The both are rather closely related and intertwinned in nature, and both are used especially in comprehension for the aid of knowledge. Therefore, Skimming and scanning are tools for understanding a comprehensive passage. When we skim, we read at a fast pace to get a general…

1 year on

Thank God for bring me thus far!!! Thanks friends for being here and making blogging fun for me… Thanks also for your loving words of encouragement….