The Beautiful One’s are not yet born

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born is the debut novel that is catapulted by the Ghanaian writer Ayei Kwei Armah into the limelight. The novel is generally a satirical attack on the Ghanaian society during Kwame Nkrumah’s regime and the period immediately after independence in the 1960s. It is often claimed to rank with “Things Fall Apart” as one of the high points of post-colonial African Literature. The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born was published in 1968 by Houghton Mifflin, and then republished in the influential Heinemann African Writers Series in 1969. The novel tells the story of a nameless man who struggles to reconcile himself with the reality of post-independence Ghana. He is a railway freight clerk that attempts to hold out against the pressures that impel him toward corruption in both his family and his country.

Background of the Author/Work
Ayei Kwei Armah was born in Takoradi, Ghana, in 1939 and was educated at Achimota High School, Groton School and Harvard University. He has worked as translator, editor, television script-writer and lecturer at the National University of Lesotho. His published novels which includes: Fragments, Why are we so Blessed,Two Thousand Seasons, The Healers and The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.

The protagonist is an unnamed railway freight clerk. He is portrayed as a lone ranger in his stance against corruption. He faces intense pressures to compromise his self-entrenched value system. The uncelebrated hero lives like a stranger in his own home where even his good natured wife, described as, ‘ a very polite woman…’(p.55) makes him ‘feel like a criminal …’ for failing to do what everyone else does in order to get enough money for their upkeep (P.54). His wife calls him, ‘the Chichidodo’. That is, a bird that feeds on maggots, but hates the excreta, which produces the worms. As he weighs her words, he develops low self-esteem and occasionally seeks succour from Teacher, the only man that seems to understand him. Sometimes, he is bogged down in self-pity, as he wonders at his pathetic condition and berates himself for being a mediocre. The hero is openly despised for his uncompromising stance against corruption. The writer presents him as a nonentity without a name. The villain, Joseph Koomson, his former classmate, has accolades such as ‘His Excellency,’ ‘the Minister,’ ‘Brother Joe’ and so on. The protagonist is a queer character. His personal philosophy appears inexplicable, but can be deduced from the maxims he keenly identifies with such as the lyrics of the song on page 51:
Let them go.
I will travel slowly,
And I too will arrive.
However, the hero doubts the possibility of his arrival as he weighs the odds against him. Another such maxim is the one that forms the title of the novel, The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born which is drawn from an inscription on a vehicle. He feels alienated from the society as others consider his convictions quixotic. His wife, Oyo, merely tolerates him, but idolizes his rich friend, the corrupt politician, Koomson. The mother-in-law taunts him for failing to cater for his family like a ‘proper man’. She makes a caricature of him, as a dismal failure. Teacher, the only man that seems to understand him lives a cocooned life, refusing to venture out of his shell into the decadent society. Despite his obvious intelligence and uncanny ability to discern situations, the protagonist resigns to fate, accepting defeat.
The characters includes:
The Man
Joseph Koomson
Estella Koomson
Sister Maanan
The man, deliberately given the generality of anonymity, a clerk who works for the nationalized railway system in Ghana. He and his wife, Oyo, and their children live in comparative poverty because of the man’s unflinching determination not to accept bribes but to live on his inadequate salary in a society that finds such behavior incomprehensible. In spite of the temptations that come to him from every side, the constant nagging of his bitter wife, and his own awareness of the hardships his honesty imposes upon his children, he maintains his unalterable moral stance. His determination is in some measure justified when a coup destroys the regime and the corrupt are arrested, but as he begins to rejoice in the vigorous national purge of corruption, he witnesses the same old crookedness immediately reactivated. the man represents, to an exaggerated degree, an idealized portrait of a truly noble man in a degraded society.The man represents the honest members of society in Ghana. Armah uses him as the main character to depict what the life of the ordinary Ghanaian citizen looked like. The man has a meagre job as a clerk and struggles to feed his wife, Oyo, and his children. Despite being tempted by numerous people—including his politician friend, Koomson—to take bribes and enrich himself quickly, he refuses to be tainted.
Oyo, the man’s wife. She has no sympathy for her husband’s honesty and all but despises him for it. Indifferent to the principles involved, she can only see how well others are managing as a result of their acquiescence to wrongdoing. She has a deep envy of the successful and yearns for the luxuries that other women enjoy. Only at the end does she commend her husband when she sees the painful consequences of corruption that come when the criminals are arrested.Oyo is the man’s wife and someone that admires wealth, regardless of how it was gained. She represents those poorer Ghanaians who have no problem with corruption or ill-gotten wealth when they consider their current situation. She always blames her husband for her suffering.
Koomson is Nkrumah’s socialist minister and the man’s former classmate. He represents the corrupt and selfish political system. He lives in comfort with his wife, Estella, and forgets about the plight of the poor. He does nothing to benefit society.
The teacher is a middle-aged man full of wisdom who has given up on life and sees no hope for Ghana. He represents the citizens who thought life would change after the colonizers left, only to be disappointed. He is also the man’s friend, and they occasionally discuss Ghana’s political situation.
Estella is Koomson’s wife and someone that’s used to luxury.

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The setting of the novel is Ghana in the twilight of the reign of Kwame Nkuruma and the early days of the military regime that succeeded it. The novel is a satirical attack on the Ghanaian society during this era. The civilian political actors had abandoned the socialist ideals upon which they leveraged to come to power. The Pan-African philosophy of Kwame Nkrumah during this period, was also evidently thwarted to serve the pecuniary interest of his cohorts. Corruption reeked to high heavens. After the change of guard occasioned by a military coup, corruption remained the bane of this typical African society as revealed in the novel. The setting is also contemporary as the ugly situation remains unabated in most African countries with those who claim to be fighters of corruption turning out as the worst culprits. The society lampoons nonconformists, as ‘… chichidodos …whose entrails are not hard enough for the national game.’(p.55)

The unnamed protagonist, referred to as “the man”, works at a railway station and is approached with a bribe; when he refuses, his wife is furious and he can’t help feeling guilty despite his innocence. The action takes place between 1965’s Passion Week and 25 February 1966 – the day after the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s president.
The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born revolves around an unnamed railway freight clerk who faces intense pressures impelling him to compromise his values and patriotic convictions by joining the corruption train, which seems to have everyone else on board. The protagonist struggles to reconcile his personal convictions with the expectations of his loved ones and society. He faces unwarranted attacks, even as he commutes to work. On a particular occasion, a bus driver contemptuously spits at him. At the office, his patriotic disposition – as he dedicates himself to assigned duties and refuses to give or take bribes, makes him an irritant to co-workers. Although ‘the man’ remains an uncelebrated hero all through the story, a twist that vindicates him occurs towards the end of the narrative. The military seizes power as it overthrows the overtly corrupt civilian government. The once detached friend, Koomson, runs to the man’s poverty-ridden house and escapes through a smelly latrine which he could not condescend to use during a visit in his days of power. On this occasion, the potbellied politician oozes a stench that is so unbearable that Oyo, his erstwhile admirer, remarks, ‘He stinks…’ and says to her husband,’…I am glad that you never become like him’. (p.165)

The theme of corruption: The novel portrays the central theme of corruption as the bane of the society. The theme of corruption is explored along with other sub-themes such as poverty, social inequality, hero- worshipping, political instability, economic sabotage, solitude and retributive justice. The writer explores corruption as a central theme through the use of imagery, creating the repulsive picture of overfed politicians whom he describes with derogatory words such as ‘constipating’, ‘farting’, ‘a group of bellies’, ‘flatulent’, ‘stupid’, ‘idiots’, et cetera. Corruption is revealed in the lifestyle of self-serving public officers, the complicity of the general public in corrupt practices and an eyesore with unsavoury images of filth and decay. The entire society is presented as being irredeemably corrupt and stinky. The streets, public places, offices and private homes, particularly where the poor reside, are depicted in nauseating images to reveal the deplorable state of the nation.The writer decries the pecuniary disposition of most people as their leaning towards materialism erodes them of the values that account for meaningful development in any society. The entire Ghanaian society is so engulfed in the corruption quagmire that only the corrupt are celebrated. The novel reveals that corruption is the bane of most countries where as a cankerworm, it feasts on the fabrics of every segment of the society. The protagonist is relegated to the background even in his family. His wife adores his corruptly enriched former classmate, Koomson, wishing her family could live in such opulence with exotic cars and unrivalled affluence. Her mother berates the man as a pathological failure, comparing him to the same Koomson. Ironically, it is revealed in the novel that Koomson was dull and stupid in school. He becomes an instant success the moment he joins politics, becomes a minister and begins to embezzle public fund. Armah spares no strata in his condemnation as he reveals that flatulent politicians like the Minister, Joseph Koomson, are not only buoyed by greed, but tacitly encouraged by majority of the populace and sycophants who sing their praises. Honest persons like the railway freight clerk are ridiculed for refusing to conform to the norm – accepting a life of bribery and corruption, and compromising their value system. Generally, the people pay lip service to the fight against corruption. They excitedly welcome a new government, knowing full well that the coup plotters would be worse than their predecessors.
The influence of imperialism: The beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born is a soul-searching novel written in response to “the rot which imprisoned everything.” The influence of imperialism on the new government of Ghana cannot be overlooked and even though “the sons of the nation” are controlling their beloved country, there are still “palms getting greased” but there is no excuse any more. They cannot or do not want to break free from the capitalist-style system which profits them but leaves others destitute. The novel is a personal account of one, significantly unnamed, man’s struggle to fight against this corruption, making corruption, and the institutionalizing of it, a major theme of the book.
The theme of Social Inequality: The description of the banister as the man ascends the stairs in his office block talks of the “organic” feeling of the wood and yet it leaves him thinking of all the “diseased skin” that has touched the banister, and so, for him it represents all that represses the human spirit. He accepts that “loneliness” will result as he cannot win. The unnamed man must suffer the humiliation of being compared to his more successful colleague and old school friend Koomson who is idolized by the man’s wife and family. As a junior government official, it would be easy for the unnamed man to advance his career but to do so would mean accepting bribes just like Koomson. He experiences isolation and rejection and his family accuse him of being disloyal because he fails to provide adequately for them.
The theme of Poverty: It is a sad fact that” it costs you more money if you go to the police” meaning that to get their co-operation, there will inevitably be more money changing hands which ironically only contributes to and extends the corruption. The result is a “living death” whether caused by poverty or corruption. The man is expected to behave like his counterparts because “if you work in the same office you can eat from the same bowl” he is told and he is the one who is made to feel guilty in his refusal.
The theme of poverty: The novel ultimately reveal how the man’s determination is his saving grace and is his salvation. He will save Koomson and earn his wife’s respect but he knows that the cycle of corruption will continue. To the reader, however, he is the “beautiful ” one. The subject matter is the story of a Man who struggles to remain clean when everyone else around him has succumbed to ‘rot’.In the end he could not change the system instead he aids one of the corrupt government officials to escape. This further amplifies the title of the novel which states that the beautiful ones are not yet born. It means that there are no honest citizens with firm characters who can change the system.
The theme of bad leadership and the negative effects of capitalism. The capitalist system encourages individual acquisition of excessive wealth. The leaders who are in the minority amass wealth for their personal aggrandizement while the citizens who are in the majority wallow in abject poverty. They therefore explore every opportunity to make quick money in fraudulent ways. The bus conductor is ready to cheat and the worker in the office does not blink an eye as he accepts bribe from the merchant and the merchant does not see anything wrong with that. On the contrary, he is spiteful of Man who refuses to accept bribe from him.The societal ill of corruption which the leaders profess to wipe out ends up swallowing the leaders as they get tainted with greed and corruption, in most cases, more than ever.

The Independence Of Ghana as portrayed in the novel.
In The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born, Armah showed his deep concern about greed and political corruption in a newly independent African nation. Armah’s works exhibit Western influences, as they show the plight of alienated heroes in search of values in a society seemingly devoid of meaning.
Set in Sekondi-Takoradi, one of Ghana’s major port cities, The beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born chronicles the life of a railway clerk who routinely must make hard choices between easy money that would enable him to provide more adequately for his family and his own conscience, which disallows his acceptance of bribes as a means of getting ahead. Armah considers corruption and opportunism as responsible for the failure of the nationalist movement, since newly elected leaders, once they have risen to power, become no less predisposed than were their colonialist predecessors to secure their own positions through unethical means or at the expense of the masses they were elected to serve.
The characters are variations of the two types of people who make up Ghanaian society in the 1960’s, the “hard” and the “weak,” at least as that society is perceived by the man and his Teacher. The man continually berates himself for being among the weak, yet knows that his inability to join the corrupt, successful ones is not entirely a failure of nerve. Still, the novel is not primarily an account of his inner struggle between the two impulses, the one toward the “gleam” of wealth and power, the other toward the clarity and purity of the moral life; rather, it is a lament over the existential situation. He knows the gleam is a false beacon; it will offer no satisfying solution but will instead kill the soul. Yet he sees the entire society fascinated by it, drawn to it, and lulled morally to sleep by it. To be honest in the eyes of society is to be not only stupid and naive but also uncooperative. ungracious, and insensitive to the needs of others. The man’s understanding of the topsy-turvy value system is never in question, but his ability to maintain his integrity is. For one thing, he begins to wonder if, in fact, the world offers any evidence of “corruption” being “unnatural.” Perhaps his inner sense of moral distinctions is an illusion and the most grotesque aberrations of nature are part of the order of things. He feels himself caught up in the never-ending cycle of birth and decay, during which only one brief instant produces something beautiful. What makes the stress almost unbearable, however, is the pressure he gets from his wife, Oyo. She is a victim of the gleam. His soul is not free; it is morally bound up in another person and must make decisions that affect her and the children. Her judgment of him means that he never has a “home” to which he can return.
The final act of the novel, however, changes both her and him. When she sees Koomson reduced to a whimpering, timid, immobile bundle of blubber, she looks at her husband with pride and respect. Her look and Koomson’s fall reaffirm the man in his sense of moral superiority to the society. His final act of courage in helping Koomson escape is an act of heroism.
A quote from Chapter 6:
“And where is my solid ground these days? Let us say just that the cycle from birth to decay has been short. Short, brief. But otherwise not at all unusual. And even in the decline into the end there are things that remind the longing mind of old beginnings and hold out the promise of new ones, things even like your despair itself. I have heard this pain before, only then it was multiplied many, many times, but that may only be because at that time I was not so alone, so far apart. Maybe there are other lonely voices despairing now. I will not be entranced by the voice, even if it should swell as it did in the days of hope. I will not be entranced, since I have seen the destruction of the promises it made. But I shall not resist it either. I will be like a cork. It is so surprising, is it not, how even the worst happenings of the past acquire a sweetness in the memory. Old harsh distresses are now merely pictures and tastes which hurt no more, like itching scars which can only give pleasure now. Strange, because when I can think soberly about it all, with out pushing any later joys into the deeper past, I can remember that things were terrible then. When the war was over the soldiers came back to homes broken in their absence and they themselves brought murder in their hearts and gave it to those nearest them. I saw it, not very clearly, because I had no way of understanding it, but it frightened me. We had gone on marches of victory and I do not think there was anyone mean enough in spirit to ask whether we knew what we were celebrating. Whose victory? Ours? It did not matter. We marched, and only a dishonest fool will look back on his boyhood and say he knew even then that there was no meaning in any of it. It is so funny now, to remember that we all thought we were welcoming victory. Or perhaps there is nothing funny here at all, and it is only that victory itself happens to be the identical twin of defeat.”

The events of the novel take place between Passion Week in 1965 and February 25, 1966, the day after the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president. On the political level, they describe the failure of a purportedly socialistic government, which is, in fact, as capitalistic as the white colonial regime it replaced. The new black leaders with white souls have, according to Ayei Kwei Armah, used their positions of power for personal gain. The corruption has filtered down to all levels of society, all economic relationships being based on intimidation, bribery, and fraud. What makes the society appear so bleak is that Armah reports it through the eyes of a rare individual who has retained his integrity: the man, an unnamed protagonist, has failed professionally because he has been too soft; he has been unable to play the bribery game. The only heroes in the society—that is, the only ones who succeed—are the hard ones who no longer feel moral or emotional hypocrisy. For the man, who speaks for Armah, the leaders of society are no different from the old African chiefs who sold their people in the slave trade for the trinkets of white society.

The novel divides neatly into two large parts. The first, which moves at an agonizingly slow pace, traces the daily routine of the man through a typical working day, beginning with the usual bus ride to the railway administration building where he is a traffic control clerk. The day is boringly uneventful, but Armah punctuates his narrative with depressing descriptions of the environment, sights and smells of human excrement, spittle, filth, and graffiti, relieved only occasionally by the beauty of some natural phenomenon, the sky or the sea, as yet uncontaminated by man’s touch. In the afternoon, a timber man comes to offer the man a bribe, but he leaves unsatisfied. After work the man meets an old acquaintance from school, now a government Minister, Joseph Koomson, and his wife, Estella. Koomson is one of the hard ones who have succeeded. The man invites the Koomsons for dinner the following Sunday evening. (The visit will initiate the events in the second part of the novel.)
The man’s return home on the bus completes the workday but hardly ends the day for him.

The novel treats the subjects of the 1960 concerning Africa or Africans, power play at public and personal levels, the evils of capitalism, revolutions, and leadership, but these issues are still contemporary in many African societies.The events of the novel take place between Passion Week in 1965 and February 25, 1966, the day after the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president. On the political level, they describe the failure of a purportedly socialistic government, which is, in fact, as capitalistic as the white colonial regime it replaced. The new black leaders with white souls have, according to Ayei Kwei Armah, used their positions of power for personal gain. The corruption has filtered down to all levels of society and economic relationships are based on intimidation and bribery.
In this article, we have presented an African novel that treats socio-political issues that face many African states. The author insists that there is no hope yet for the amelioration of these issues and the entrenchment of social justice because the beautiful ones are not yet born.

References beautiful ones are not yet born…………

Fallen Standards

“Those days if you offend your parents you will kneel and apologize, and you are here exchanging words with me like an unshakable Iroko tree to prove what, tell me.” Mrs. Vanessa noted.
Angel conscious of her mistake, apologized, “I’m very sorry ma”.
“It’s okay you can go before you annoy me again,” Mrs Vanessa.

Later in the evening, Angel and her younger brother, Emmanuel called Emmy for short, were together playing a game known as AYO. When their mother walked in from the front door obviously, she had just finished chatting with her friends.
Emmy ran to welcome her, “Mummy!” He shouted.
“Mummy come join us and play with us,” He pleaded.
“Oh Emmy I’m tired already, go on and play with your sister. Next time, I will join you,” Mrs. Vanessa replied trying to convince him to let her go.
“But mummy that’s what you said yesterday, and the day before. Please mummy na, just this time and no more,” He begged her.
“Emmy leave me, I have to go and rest, I have a long day tomorrow,” Mrs. Vanessa stated.
“But Mummy….”
“No buts! Angel come and carry him.” Mrs Vanessa exclaimed signaling Angel to hurry.
It’s Okay, come let’s go and buy bobo, Angel tried patronizing him with the drink, but he was repulsive. Angel had to pet him and also tell him a folktale to sleep.
That weekend Aisha called to remind Angel to prepare for the party. Trust Aisha, she would never receive no for an answer especially knowing the issues bothering Angel at the moment. According to her it’s only a little to party to forget our sorrows and enjoy ourselves. Angel had to cook up some excuses for her mum, that she was going for a church revival with Aisha.
Aisha arrived that night at around 10pm to pick Aisha for the party with her mum’s car which she obviously stole the keys like she used to. Then they proceeded to the club, where the party grounds were bumming with music.
Angel drank alcohol for the first time in her life, in order to forget her problems and have fun and blend with the rest til she was stinkingly drunk. She lost control of everything that happened that night, only for her to wake up in a police cell the next morning. She was told that she was arrested at the club alongside some criminal suspects. She looked around, amongst the people she was arrested with but didn’t see anybody that she familiar even Aisha was nowhere to be found.
But was given a cell phone by an officer to put a call across to her parents, guardian or siblings. She simply returned the phone to them, saying she would prefer to stay longer in the cell than to go home. Unknown to her, one of the officers picked up her mother’s contact from her School Identity I.D card to notify her mother.
By the time the police called, Angel’s mother was already going crazy about Angel. She had visited to the church three times now searching and looking for her daughter, all to no avail. Aside from the annoying fact that there was never a church revival the previous night, Aisha number was not going through, and she tried contacting everyone she thought may have a clue as to her location but they gave her little or no information regarding her whereabout. Then it dawn on her that she had not been the good mother she used to be. She also realized how distant and careless she had become with her children lately, how cold she had grown towards them using her busy schedule as an excuse. So immediately the police attested to the fact Angel was there at the station, she zoomed off in a hurry to recover her daughter.
“I wish I listened to her all these wouldn’t have happened. What have I done to myself and my family, look how I have used the my own hands that I toiled so hard with all these years to build my home and now I’m using those same hands to destroy that same home I suffered to build. Oh my God! save my daughter, do not punish my Angel for my mistakes”, Mrs. Vanessa thought.
On reaching the station she met Angel sleeping on the counter, she asked, “Officer how is she and what exactly happened?”
“She is fine, just that she has a hang over from all that alcohol from the party last night,” the officer stated.
“Party?”, She asked.
” She was arrested at the club alongside some criminal suspects at the party drunk. But everything is resolved now, you can take her home”. The Officer explained.
On getting home, Angel’s mother sat beside her until she was fully awake. She administered some tablets for, her to take to wear off the hang over. “My Angel I apologize for my recent change both in attitude and character, thereby neglecting my primary responsibilities to you and your brother. If I say I want to give excuses there are many to give but I believe its all my fault, I was so busy building other peoples life while I destroyed mine. I know we might not be able to recover the lost times, but I still do hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me. And understand that I’m always here for you any day anytime”.
“Promise me mum, that you won’t go back to your I’m too busy syndrome.”
Will all my heart, I promise. You and Emmy are my future and you mean a lot to me in this life.”
Angel leapt for joy and embraced her. “I thought I had lost you forever, thank God you came back to yourself. I missed you so much, and I love you so much Mum.”
“Thanks My darling Angel, I love you more. So tell me what have I being missing all these while.”
“Mummy it’s long story, I think you are too busy to attend to my silly questions and discussions.”
“Ha! I have all the time in the world to listen to my baby girl, other things can always wait, I have learnt my lesson”. They both laughed.
“Mummy, what do you think about abstinence and sex, what do you think?”
“What does your bible say about such issues, the bible says we should keep the marriage bed undefiled. And it also states, our bodies are the temple of the Lord. Furthermore, it talks about how much God hates sexual immorality so much so that he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of it.”
“But mum that is old fashion, we are in the new age and era things don’t happen like that now”.
“That is the more reason why any person that remains a virgin till her marriage is like a diamond in the sea, very costly and unique. Ok let me break it down to your level and be more practical. You see sex is a sin yet, it is sweet and it attracts God’s anger and wrath upon us outside marriage. You see my dear, virginity once lost can never be regained not by money not by chance not by time or anything in the world.”
“Mum what do I do now, I don’t want to loose Kunle. He has been nice to me I love him, but he insists that we must do it.
Mrs Vanessa explained further, “If he is that desperate, he should go and find other girls that will give it to him free of charge or better still get a prostitute to give him for as long as he wants. Don’t tell me you were considering doing it? If you do it what then will be the difference between you and a prostitute on the streets?Your pride is much more costlier than gold or silver my dear. And one secret about sex is that once you start doing it, you won’t be able to control yourself and resist the urge like the way you are able to do so now.

The consequences of that singular act can mean doom for your entire life and future? Why do you think your Aunty Stephanie’s husband came back with lots of gifts after their wedding in special thanksgiving to us? That was because he met her a virgin. Don’t you want your husband to do the same? See, many homes and marriages today are breaking up because of unfaithfulness and lack of trust amongst spouse of which if husbands met their wives as virgins they would have that genuine trust and confidence in their loyalty and these problems will not coming up. I’m not going to make decisions for you neither will I blame you for any decision you choose to make, after all, it is your life, your future, and your destiny not mine. So whether you do or do not do it, you will definitely face the consequences of your actions be it, good or bad.”
“I also heard they are contraceptives you can use to prevent pregnancy and infections?”Angel questioned
“Yes there are a thousand and one of those contraceptives, if you are willing to do it. But will all these pills stop you from loosing your purity and virginity? Will they stop you from having uncontrollable desire to still do it after you did it once? Or will they stop you from committing that deadly sin against God,”Mrs. Vanessa asked rhetorically. “That remains me, what happened yesterday. I know you didn’t to any church for any revival, so tell me truth and nothing but the truth.”
“I’m sorry that I lied to you. I went with Aisha for her course mates birthday party, to flex a little. I was angry about the recent developments at home and my issues with Kunle. Then I was urged to taste an alcoholic drink that if I drank some, all the problems would ware off. So I drank the alcoholic drink and then I started seeing things bigger, and larger than their normal size, and then I lost control of myself. Only to waken up in the police cell this morning with a bomb-badding headache, that made me sleepy”.
“And what did you learn form that experience?”
“Oh a lot, I learnt not to allow my problems get the better part of me.”
“That’s great lesson for you.”
“Thanks mummy, you are the best.”
“Lets go and plays games with Emmy, I’m sure he will be happy with that.”
“Of course he will be trilled”

Meanwhile Kunle heard about Angel’s recent adventure and how she was dancing with party boys recklessly in the birthday party. This made him so upset that he planned on blasting her when they meet up on Monday morning.
Angel greeted on sighting Kunle, “Good morning dear, I would like us to discuss something very important about our last discussion.”
“Good morning to you, me too I have something to say, but ladies first,” Kunle replied.
Angel declared, “I have decided since it is obvious that we can’t resolve this conflicting issue which I can not compromise, I suggest we have a rethink about us.”
“Meaning what? Kunle demanded
I said since I cannot give you what you want, you should get it elsewhere from others who are willing to give you, even if it means putting an end to this relationship.
“Is that what you want?” Kunle confirmed
Angel replied, “Yes, if that is what it takes to keep my pride and dignity as a woman, that’s what I want.”
“But then tell me, is that why you were parading yourself so cheaply with different guys all over the place?” Kunle asked.
Angel tried to defend, “It’s not what you think I just went there with Aisha to chill off a little but I eventually got drunk and ….”
“Keep whatever you want to say to yourself I’m not interested. Now I know why you couldn’t give in to my demands because you have too many of us around, you should have at least given me the respect of telling me and I will back off. You are definitely correct this relationship is a done deal, it over.” Kunle stated
“No Kunle, I swear I didn’t have anything to do with those guys …” Angel tried explaining
“Save it for the dogs!” he shouted and left in anger.
Unknown to G boss and his clique, that Angel and Kunle were no longer together, they attacked Kunle. Not only did they beat but they also warned him severely to stay away from Angel unless he be killed. Just then, he thanked God that he had broken up all ties he had with her, although he found himself still loving her and tried to bury the feelings.
Angel nearly cried her eyes out that day, remembering every word he said to her, “I wish he heard my part of the story, I wish he understood me better, I wish he listened to me, even a little. Mummy why is it so hard to be good and easy to be bad?”
“If he truly loves you he will come back to you, wipe your tears my Angel. It will be well.” Mrs. Vanessa consoled.

Its been three years now, Kunle and Angel bombed into each other in a supermarket, Kunle found out he was still in love with Angel and tried to woe her again.
“I have gone to many places, I have seen many faces beautiful and ugly yet I have never seen anyone like you. I have come to realize that every human that is a diamond if she is able to preserve herself for the right man, then she can preserve her family from trying times. You made me understand that every woman is inbuilt with some many thing unique qualities but the most uncommon and important of all, is her gift to build her home or destroy it with her own hands. And you have proven to me that truly you are the diamond in the sea that I have been looking for all these while but could not see that it was right here when I threw it away. I lost you once, I don’t want to ever lose you again till my dying day, I love you so much Angel, please make me the happiest groom on planet by saying yes to be my bride.” Such were the words of Kunle after their reunion three years later.

“Yes I will marry”, Angel replied.

No more Excuses

I found out recently that giving excuses for shortcoming aren’t really the way out of them. Many at times its tempting to easily give an excuse for things I ought to have given my time and attention.

In all honestly, the irony is that it is Not the way out of these things. Responsibilities are there to shape you and bring out the best in you. Never by force but by choice. Never to scarce but to shares your expertise with the world.

Therefore, it is time to pick up challenge and face life head on. And in all you do, take responsibility for your action no matter how hard it might seem. Choose to admit your fault than making an excuse for it.

Happy new to you all. And may God see us through the year filled with fulfilment.


Skimming / Scanning reading


We cannot discuss skimming without scanning, and verse-versa. The both are rather closely related and intertwinned in nature, and both are used especially in comprehension for the aid of knowledge. Therefore, Skimming and scanning are tools for understanding a comprehensive passage. When we skim, we read at a fast pace to get a general idea or overview of a passage. While Scanning involves reading to search for a particular information.

Main points
Skimming involves a quick glance of a passage or comprehension, or essay or any written piece for the sole aim of getting a general idea or to grasp the central idea of the piece. At this stage, we just want to have an idea of what the passage talks about. Whereas, in skimming we read the entire passage while scanning we stop reading once the information we are searching for is found.
Acording to Advanced Oxford Dictionary, it defines skimming as, “the process of reading something quickly in order to find or get the main point and also to get a general knowledge of the material being read”.



It is used to get a general idea or overview.
It is used to search for a particular or point information.

Skimming involves reading the entire passage or piece of information
Scannning involves reading just a sentence or paragraph pending on where the information is found.

After skimming, one can give a summary of the passsage.
After scannng, one can only give the information which was searched for.

Skimming is used to cover a reading material quickly.
Skimming helps to locate and find longer strings of information. For instance, in order to find the answers to a specific question; by first fixing the question in your mind and skimming the passage for the answer.
It helps in getting the gist of the passage in term of;
The author’s/ writer’s organisation; it help you quickly understand the setting and the plot organization of the passage.
The topic sentence; that is it helps to locate the main sentences, thoughts or statements of the writing.
It helps to locate illustrations like diagrams, tables, e.t.c.

In order to skim effectively, the following steps are to be taken, they are;
Survey the organisation of the passage in terms of titles and subtitles.
Read the first and last sentences of the paragraphs in order to locate the topic sentences.
Survey to pick up important words, phrases or illustrative materials.
Skip sentences or parts of paragraphs which does not contain specific informations or details you need.
Skip sections of the paragraphs or sentences when you have found the specific informations you need.


Skimming is one of the techniques used for faster reading in recent times, in order to cover a large volumes of pages within a short period of time. It is a selective reading for details. Skimming involves reading at twice the average reading speed of a person.

The following are the references used in making up of this material;
Ukmaka, Chioma Ibe (2004) Complete English Course, For Senior Secondary Schools; Onitsha, Nigeria.
Benson O. A. Oluikpe, and others, (1991) Intensive English For Secondary Schools; Onitsha Nigeria.
Advanced Oxford English Learners Dictionary;

1 year on

Thank God for bring me thus far!!!

Thanks friends for being here and making blogging fun for me…

Thanks also for your loving words of encouragement….

The Change Nigeria Needs is YOU!

Our proud indigenous country,
My fathers land,
My heritage,
My Culture,
Where did our forefathers go wrong in bringing independence to our country?
Where did our amiable leaders go astray in seeking the best for its home?
Where did they go wrong in dreaming big?
Where have we failed to realize our potential?
Yes, we failed woefully
Where did our warriors go?
Where did the burning zeal to stand for our country fade?
Where did the team effort lay waste?
Where did this me, myself and I come from?
When we grow so deaf as to hear?
When did we grow too blind as to see?
When did we grow too weak as to stand out for our fathers land?
Suddenly, we are too proud of a culture that is not even ours to begin with
We want to blend with reigning thing, the new trend, the latest style,
Meanwhile loosing our true pride, and identity as an entity to the wind,
Oh look, how arrogant we have become even at the expense of our generation and generation unborn.

Epidemiology and Surveillance of Lassa Fever

Lassa fever outbreaks are capable of spreading fast causing large-scale outbreaks and panic. Apart from the fact that epidemic preparedness is a statutorily mandated service, a delayed service can lead to loss of lives, public health, social and economic consequences of an outbreak, especially if not prepared for. Surveillance which simply defined as the close obversation of disease occurance while epidemiology deals with the spread and control of Lassa Fever and VHS.The major problem is that Lassa fever can be mistakenly diagonised as typhoid, maleria or any other infections. Rodent-to-human transmission is achieved through the “multimammate rat” Mastomys species complex causing the disease.
Following the sensitization of health authorities and partners across the country, at the beginning of the epidemic season, dissemination to health facilities of technical guidelines and data collection and reporting tools for Intergrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) and preposition drugs and personal protective equipment at state and Local Government Area levels are important and should be included. Surveillance, to detect timely any unusual event should be enhanced through the collection of relevant information for action. Lassa fever epidemics becomes very important through distribution of case definition or posters and brochures.
From the onset of the outbreak, WHO Nigeria deployed staff from the national and state levels to support the Government of Nigeria’s national Lassa fever Emergency Operations Centre and state surveillance activities. The prevention and control of Lassa fever will include village-based programs for rodent control and avoidance, hospital training programs to prevent the nosocomial spread, including barrier nursing, diagnostic technology transfer, and specific antiviral chemotherapy(ribavirin). Rodent control would focus on proper storage of food in rodent-proof containers, cleaning around homes, trapping, and killing rodents with appropriate and safe disposal of carcasses and avoiding rodents as a food source. Therefore the results here are preliminary.
Preparing to respond to epidemic in the case of Lassa fever is an important part of health-care delivery services. In order to solve this issues, there will be need to conduct intensive training, technical support, orientation of staff, supervision, monitor trends in disease reporting and distribute data collection and management tools. Finally, another important area to plan for during epidemics is communication and social mobilization, and also the listing down of plans and neccesary actions to be taken.There is a great need to be informed appropriately about this Lassa fever.

Fallen Standards 2

“Obviously not well silly,” Gift replied jokingly.
“And who asked you talking drum,” Aisha lashed.
I beg, not today, not now. I don’t need you adding to my problems, Angel defended, stand up lets go home.
“Can you share these problems with us before you explode?. Girl you are slowly loosing it,” said Gift.
“It is my mother o, with this her recent behaviours and phenomenas that is making me go crazy. She no longer talks to us only talks at us, she blows off at every slight provoking mistake, like a volcano waiting for explosion. I’m afraid I’m loosing my lovely mother and home. I fear the person she has become over the last few weeks”, Angel complained.
“It’s okay, Angel, why not trying talking to her calmly, try make her understand your point,” suggested Aisha.
“How do I do that, when everything I say pisses her off?” Angel inquired.
“Why not you try talking to her when she is in a good mood or call her attention in the night when everyone is asleep then you can address this issues together as you normally do, mother and daughter talk, try it lets see.” Gift stated
“My mother is scarcely around the house like she is avoiding someone or something, plus I hardly see her happy these days.” stated Angel
“You can not give what you don’t have, perhaps the reason you are not reaching her is because you yourself is disoriented, tell me what is going on that big head of yours?” Gift said inquisitively
“It’s Kunle and this his pre-marital sex issue, I don’t understand him anymore. We used to be very happy until he came up with this sex stuff and I will never give-in. I can’t give up my pride, all for any relationship before marriage, the earlier he grasps this fact, the better for us”, Angel stated clearly.
“What is there in pre-marital sex? It’s a normal thing na, please stop all this hide and seek games for God’s sake. Are you not the one that said yes to him, what were you expecting, or do you think he is father christmas that will be showering you gifts and flowers for nothing? Aisha asked rhetorically. It is high time you understand that relationship is a give and take thing, money for sex.”
“Please o, can’t somebody just have a happy relationship without this sex stuff coming up? What is this world turning into? How can you advice her to do such a thing? Don’t you know its a sin. Besides, we are just in level one in the university, our first year for that matter, we are just beginning to build our future and you want her to destroy her chances so prematurely,” Gift cautioned.
“And who says she is going to get pregnant, contact HIV and AIDS or do something that will destroy her future. See, there are many ways to do these things these days, and you will be 100% save and sound,” Aisha defended.
Tell me something! Gift and Angel exclaimed almost stimulteneously.
You see, now there are various kinds of contraceptives which you can use to protect yourself from these infections or diseases before and after sex with or without the consent of your parents, Aisha noted.
“Like the Condoms, I heard they are not 100% sure and trusted, abstinence is the only safest way to avoid all these nonsense,” criticized Gift.
“Well stated primary school students of one ancient village school, you did your assignment well. Only God knows where you got that twisted rumour from. I’m very sure one of those that spread those dirty rumours and misconceptions about the contraceptive authenticity are your church members. This is the 21st century dummy, and things have changed, this is the reigning thing in town and you better join the moving or be left behind in the bench,” Aisha stated.
“Aisha please continue with the jist and leave Gift, we all know she is the virgin Mary of our time, this is getting more and more interesting,” Angel said.
“As we were saying before the mosquito interrupted; referring to Gift. Condoms are just one of these contraceptives. There are other before and after sex pills you can take, there are in form of tablets, injections, and the rest of them. It all depends on the one you prefer,” Aisha illustrated.
“And there is abstinence o!” Gift reminded in disgust as she walked to her hostel.
“Shut up jare!” Aisha demanded.
“I’m already on my way”, she said while biding Angel farewell.
“It’s okay, I will think about everything you guys said; thanks”, Angel appreciated.
“Angel, it is not like I want to teach you what to do. I just need you to understand me, Is it not better for your boyfriend to deflower you and you enjoy it than for a stupid rapist to do it and contaminate your womb? In this present day and age where rape is rampant everywhere despite the law enforced against such acts. The last I heard, rape consequence is 21 years in imprisonment but, is that punishment equivalent to your lost pride and dignity? Okay, think of how nice Kunle has treated and given money anytime you are in need, and this simple favour he is asking you cannot give him.Ah, it will be very selfish of you not to give-in to his demand.Trust me, if you give it to him on a plater of gold, he will be respect and above all be faithful to you and you alone. In addition, all those stupid girls that are trying to snatch him away from you will no longer succeed again because you would have secured him for yourself. You should be thanking God that he has been patient with you all this while, if not he could have just picked another girl and tell you it is over, then you will come and be crying your eyes out. Be wise and stop acting like a child jare,” Aisha explained.
“Am I really that childish that everyone sees me, says the same thing, I must prove to them all that I’m not a child.” Angel murmured to herself.
“Thank you so much for your advice Aisha, that’s why I like you, you always tell me the truth and keep me updated. I guess we part ways here, I will see you in school tomorrow.” said Angel
“Tomorrow is weekend or will you be coming to school tomorrow for something else because I’m sure we don’t have lectures, so which is it?”, Aisha reminded.
“Oh silly me, I forgot today is Friday, okay then see you Monday morning”, Angel replied.
“Hell no, I will be seeing you later in the evening. One of my coursemate is hosting us for her birthday party happening in town this evening. You need to be there to cheer up and forget these problems that is weighing you down. We all need to chill and relax every once in a while, you know say body no be wood.” Aisha noted
They both aughed. “See you later in the evening then”, Angel agreed.

“Good day ma,” Angel greeted.
“How was lectures and your day?” inquired Angel’s mother.
Angel on recalling what transpired between her and Kunle and G boss, sighed carelessly.
“Children of nowadays you will not kill me with your reproach, during my time you will hardly get a chance to sit with your parents not to talk more of them talking to you and you are sighing. Who do you think you are,” Mrs. Vanessa pointed.
“I’m sorry ma, it was unintentional. But mummy gone are your days. This is the 21st century, our own time and age not yours, so complaining”. Angel said.
“In those days if you offend your parents you will kneel and apologize, and you are here exchanging words with me like an unshakable Iroko tree to prove what, tell me. Mrs. Vanessa noted.

Fallen Standards 1

Good morning ma,” Angel greeted trying to clean the two bed-room flat they live in and at the same time preparing breakfast for her younger brother before leaving to school for her lectures.
“How are you doing”, Mrs. Vanessa asked rushing out to get ready for work.
“I’m fine ma. Mummy please can I ask you a question,” Angel asked promptly putting a stop to her morning chores.
“I’m sorry my dear, I have to rush up to work or else I will lose my job. And you know we don’t the luxury to staying alive without it”.
“Mummy I will be needing some money for some personal things I need to buy”, Angel noted.
“Angel I thought I gave you ten thousand naira just last week, where do you expect me to get another money for whatever you want today again. Do you think I pluck money from a tree, okay that tree doesn’t supply anymore,” Mrs Vanessa stated.
“But mum that money was for my textbooks and handouts,” Angel cried out.
“Angel please don’t let me start with you this early morning, I’m already late for work. These children will not kill me before my time, today this one, tomorrow this and that. Am I the only mother in the world?” She said while leaving the house.
“How I wish mummy would just listen to me for once.” Angel prayed.
Things weren’t always like this with mum. She just changed all of a sudden. I used to think it’s because of her new job with a private company and she is finding it hard adjusting to the pressure and stress. My mum used to be my confidant, my role model, my aspirations, and most of all, my best friend, I doubt if I can still say so now. We would sit and talk for hours like age mates, and like friends. Although sometimes, mum can be a tough one, that’s when she is trying to discipline us, she never takes anything for granted. So therefore, she takes us seriously like a military officer. But we loved every bit of the disciplinary measures she took and we never took it to heart, because we got to understand the other side of the coin, the bitter side of life. Now mummy is a completely different person, I doubt if she is actually the same person I used to love and cherish every minute I spent with her, of which now a minute with her is worst than a second in hell. Not withstanding the fact that she has a busy job, she should consider that we equally need her full attention. Where did things turn so sour. Now she returns home late on week days and always busy with various meetings on weekends, and when we protest, she would say that these meetings are very important for a healthy communal life. Forgetting that we also need a healthy childhood training and upbringing. She is as though a stranger to us, and a shadow of her former self. Oh how I wish daddy was alive till this day!” Angel lamented.

“I don’t know what is wrong with you, why do you love behaving like a child. Don’t you think it is high time you start acting like a university babe?” Kunle stated.
“If being an Ashawo, a prostitute makes me a big university babe, I would rather prefer to be a child all my life, and be chaste”, Angel rebuked.
“See baby, I love you with all my heart and I don’t want what we have to go into shreds all because of some stupid and childish notion to remain a virgin till marriage. Who does in this age and time? That is old school, my dear. Please sweetheart, give me a chance to show you what love is,” Kunle pleaded.
“You are calling my principles stupid and childish. I won’t allow you insult me”. Angel replied angrily and walked out on him.
Kunle and Angel have been in a relationship for almost two years now. Kunle is a student of University Of Illorin like Angel but he is in his third year in the university studying Biochemistry while Angel is studying English in her first year. They met when Angel came to the school for the first time for the Post United Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (PUTME) and she was having trouble locating the exact venue and hall for the examinations. From the moment she accidentally bombed into him in confusion while trying to trace the venue of the examination on her own, he found her attractive and admirable so, he pursued her by volunteering to be her map for the day til she located her exam centre, thanked him for his help, they exchanged contacts. From then onwards, as one thing led to another and they started dating not until this recent these development came up.
On her way back to the lecture hall she bombed into Gerald, one of her stockers. With his gang of friends well known on campus as the tough guys.
“Hey Angel what’s up,” Gerald signaled trying to be nice.
“Please Gerald, I’m not in the mood for your troubles today,” Angel replied quickly, and made to leave.
Gerald’s gang blocked her way and refused to give her passage, “G boss refering to Gerald is not through with you yet, and until then, you go nowhere.”
“Angel, I understand that your stupid boy friend has upset you, right. I will teach him a lesson he will not forget in a hurry, so he will learn how to treat a lady”, Gerald stated.
“No, no please Gerald, don’t hurt him. Its not what you think,” She pleaded
“Then why are you this angry that you don’t even want to talk to me. Tell me, or I will deal with him mercilessly”, He said.
“I just have a little problem at home thats why I’m this way please don’t blame it all on him, he didn’t do anything,” She lied trying to cover up.
“If you say so. So tell me, have you considered my proposal?”, he asked.
“Ah Gerald! don’t say that you know am already with Kunle. I can’t double date, please”, she stated. ‘
“You can, It’s a free world. Besides other girls do it, so your case won’t be different. If you say yes to me, I promise you won’t ever regret it.” He declared
“I’m very happy you said, ‘OTHER GIRLS’. I’m not other girls, I am Angel Williams. As for your proposal, I have already given you the answer, I can’t and I won’t double date, simple.” She explained.
“You see that’s what I like about you, that temper of yours is something extraordinary. I must have you at all cost. If it is for that your so-called boyfriend, I will take care of him for you, just say yes to me, please.” G pleaded.
“No! You can’t force me to love you, please leave Kunle out of this. Angel defended. Whatever…. Can I go now, I really have things to do, and me having this conversation with you is definitely not one of them,” she said as made to leave. The clique withdrew only when they saw G wave a signal to let her go.
Gift and Aisha have been Binta’s close friends since their secondary education. Angel addresses them both as rice and beans or cat and rat. The two always have conflicting ideas, maybe because of their different line of study, Gift studies Anatomy while Aisha is studying business administration. And now, they were lucky enough to be admitted in the same university. Although in different faculties, they still maintain their close relationship. On sighting Angel, they immediately sensed something wrong.
“How did it go love birds?” Aisha asked.
“Obviously not well silly,” Gift replied jokingly.

To be continued……

Sing praises


Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.
Ephesians 5:17

God wants us to walk as wise men and women, and not as fools (see Ephesians 5:15). Now, He will not tell us to walk in wisdom without showing us how. That is why His Word goes on to say, “Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

So what is the will of God? The next two verses tell us how to identify it: “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord ” (Ephesians 5:18–19).

As you allow yourself to be filled with the Spirit by lifting songs of praise to the Lord, singing or speaking (God knows some of us can’t sing!) psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, and making melody in your heart to the Lord, God promises that you will know what His will is for your situation. You will then have the wisdom to decide wisely what to do next.

I have found this to be true in my own life. Whenever I face a difficult situation, the more I think about it, the more confused I get. The more I try my best to come up with a smart solution, the further the answer seems to get from me. But when I turn away from my problem and turn to God, singing in the Spirit and praising Him, I get a clearer perspective of the problem when I come back to it later. I also find an inner prompting to make certain decisions which in the end, turn out to be better than anything I could have come up with on my own.

So my friend, lift up songs of praise to the Lord, whether times are good or bad. For when you fill your mouth with praises to God, He will lead you and guide you in all the affairs of your life. Even if you are stuck with a problem, He will show you the way to go or make a way out for you. Either way, you will get the wisdom and help that you need!

Joseph Prince

How can we harness Local Content potentials in the oil and gas industry?

Exclusively, Agriculture despite various attempts by the government to revive its mainstay in our economy but still cannot overshadow the dominant role of the oil and gas industry in economy. From the oil prospecting in 1937 with the Shell petroleum industry, up to 1979 when we attained the rank of the sixth major oil producer in the world till date.

However, it is an established fact that the oil and gas industry stands out in the economic and industrial development of Nigeria cobbled with the recent Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act which only makes it even more prominent.

Therefore, we can bluntly say that the propaganda of the local content policy which is fundamental to the developmental growth of the oil and gas industry is the signing into law by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) under the leadership of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) in March 2010, a Nigerian Local Content Act (NLCA) which aimed at promoting industrialization of the nation’s oil and gas industries, thereby improving the economic and social wellbeing of citizens.
The Nigerian Oil and Gas Development Law 2010 defines local content as, “the quantum of composite value created in Nigeria through utilization of Nigerian resources and services in the petroleum industry resulting in the development of indigenous capability without compromising quality, health, safety and environmental standards”.

It is framed within the context of Nigerian’s growth in entrepreneurship and in the domestication of assets to fully realize Nigeria’s economic and industrial development goals.

Hence, the extract from the NLCA authorizes the Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies procure goods manufactured in Nigeria and services provided only by Nigerians.Thereby, facilitating the ‘MADE IN NIGERIA’ in-country value focus.

According to what Odularu (2008) states, ‘the activities of the petroleum industry can be divided into two broad categories; upstream and downstream’.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission Act No 16 of 1995 (NIPC Act) futher describes the upstream operation as all operations necessary to separate gas from the reservoir into usable form at utilization or designated custody transfer points either through pipelines or tankers, as this operation is to help reduce or completely eliminate gas flaring.

In line with this, the NIPC Act described ‘the downstream operations as the marketing and distribution of gas for domestic and industrial uses which are basically economic activities involving power generation, petrochemical industries like plastics, dyes etc, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)’.

However, the conception of the Engina project for Total has now become the first to record the fabrication and integration of the Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) topsides in in Nigeria is a glaring example of the NLC Acts in actualisation.

Also, this goes to show how unsuccessful the NLC Act has proven to be since its enactment. Thereby making it evident that the NLCA still has a long way to go to its full actualisation. Also, it goes a long way to emphasize on how the NLC Act has been successful since its enactment. Making it obvious that the NLCA still has a long way to go before its full actualisation.

In order to actualise this Act, how can we properly utilize and control the local content potentials in the oil and gas industry for the industrial and economic development of our country?
The oil and gas industry is a Nigerian based natural resources and gift. The local content which aims at making Nigerians utilise their God-given potentials in the oil and gas industry for the economic and industrial growth and develpment of the country.

Although , the Federal Government establishment of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board created a platform for consistent supervision and monitoring of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industrial excapades in the achievement of the Local Content Policy.

Apparently, the challenges we face here is that the Nigerians still find it almost impossible to work on their own and adequately utilise their own resources, of which according to them is inferior and unreliable for such BIG task. They would prefer to rather use foreign machineries, and foreign engineers than to use their ‘own Sons of the Soil’ to make better products or output.

Unkown to them, they are all the man-power ever needed. We have all the wonderful potentials for a good job. We can provide all the satisfactory services needed and with the abundance of the natural resources around us. We should therefore be willing to work not complain about our inadequacies and short-comings and focus on what can achieve together.

True, the NLC Act has been enacted for the growth and development of the Oil and Gas Industry and for the good and benefits of Nigeria. But recently, we can neither seem to actualise it nor fully implement it, because we, the Nigerians have refused to give it a chance.

Maybe because we are scared of our own shortcomings, or maybe because we already picture how it will cause a ‘great loss’ for the economy if we failed. A loss we cannot afford because so much will be at risk. Little do we know the ‘great loss’ we are already bearing for not trying. Thereby refusing to give it a chance to be materialized.

Some Nigerians are either ignorant of this fact while the others are simply not willing to go the extra mile. Nobody wants to sscrifice. Nobody wants to suffer. Which is exactly what is killing us in this country.

We have all the keys to our puzzles, are we willing to apply the answers? Are we willing to risk it? Life itself is a risk but this time around we need to cease this opportunity to revitalise our industries for the economic growth of our country at large.

In order to correct our lapses and move to greater heights, we, the indeginous Nigerians should endeavour to participate actively in workshops, seminars, conferences that enlightens on these issues affecting our industrial and the economic growth and development.

The Nigerian oil and gas industry has been in the picture of the Nigerian economy playing a major role in the growth and development of the country for years now, and its high time we step in. We have to give it all we got for the better ouputs. We have to fall into key with the set policies which will be for our own benefits.

No wonder Eileen Shaiyen applauded saying, “the Executive Order on Local Content is the most unique decisions the recent government has made since its inception and it will be far better if the Executive Order can be implemented on the Ministries, Departments and Agencies”. That is simply the only way forward if we are willing to work to make it a dream come true.

Basically the NLCA in line with the oil and gas industry alleviates the growth and development prompting the following benefits like: reduced rate of poverty in the country, employment opportunities for Nigerians, improvement of our educational standards, generation of high revenues for the government, increase in naira value and low prices of goods and services, adequate power supplies, improved standard of living for an average Nigerian, outstanding project management and provision of employment opportunities for her citizens.
The availability of man-power for industrial purposes and also the creation of job opportunities for any Nigerians.

These benefits will definitely be evident in the transformation system if the NLC Act is properly implemented.
The primary contribution of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria’s economy is the generation of revenues for government through the importing and exporting.
When the economical system is balanced there will be a definite reduction in the prices of goods and the cost of production will also be affected by this change. Resulting to an increase in the value of naira notes and low cost of commodities in Nigeria.
Adequate power supplies; the improved power supplies is of great importance to the growth and development of the oil and gas industry as it will facilitates the smoothe running of the machines. Resulting to, an improved standard of living for an average Nigerian and thus, providing a promising future for the next generation in Nigeria.

Moreover, some of the benefits of the Nigeria oil and gas industry we are already enjoying therefore, the economic and industrial development of this country cannot be over esteemated, as it provides the extra force needed in the entire economy. Amongst which the 80% of the Nigeria’s economy improves daily on the account of the oil and gas industry from the hard currency earnings through exportation.

Witnesses to God!

When we talk about witnessing what do we mean? Witness here means being fully convinced about God and being a representative of Him. “Simply put, to witness to Christ is let others see Jesus in you!”

And this is not just an instruction from Christ to us but a last Commandment which we must abide by as Christ liken people that we are.

15 He said to them, “Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 Believers will be given the power to perform miracles: they will drive out demons in my name; they will speak in strange tongues; 18 if they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed; they will place their hands on sick people, and these will get well. (Mark 16:15-18)

Ways of being a witness;

  • You can be a witness through your lifestyle.
  • You can be a witness through preaching.
  • You too can be a witness? Don’t look at your weakness.
  • Don’t even try to rely on your own strength. Because you will definitely fail.
  • Look to Jesus. Hold on to God . Just allow God to do His thing.
  • Commit yourself to God in truth and in spirit.

Do not allow the Spirit of God to die. Fan into flames the gift of the Holy Spirit. The spirit is not meant to be kept but used. Be in constant fellowship with vibrant and vicious Christians, for you are one body in Christ. Let people see the light in you. Let your life shine!

How to be a witness to Christ:

  • First, you must understand and accept that God loves you personally. Jesus loves me. He is interested in me.
  • Secondly, you must be willing to accept Jesus as your lord and Saviour.
  • Study the word. Know who this God is. Some people know Him in different ways and acknowledge him.

We ought to shine as lights of the world and Salt of the earth everywhere and anywhere we are.


Everything in life has a beautiful ending. If its not beautiful, then its definitely not the end, rather it is just the begining of something more beautiful.

Are all of life’s hardships worth enduring? The answer depends on what our goal is in living. In fact, understanding the purpose of life is a slow and absorbing process.

We sense its mystery while reflecting upon our existence and humanity. Therefore, our concept of life evolves gradually throughout our lives.

The purpose of our creation is obvious to reach our utmost goals of belief, knowledge, and spirituality: to reflect on the universe, humanity and God (which is the utmost) and thus proves our value as human beings. Fulfilling this ideal is possible only through systematic thinking and systematic behaviour.

Thought will provoke action, and thereby start a “prosperous cycle”.

This cycle will produce more complex cycles, which are generated from between the spirituality of the heart and the knowledge of the brain, thereby developing evermore complex ideas and producing more ambition projects.

You will be needing all the understanding and consciousness strong enough to keep this beliefs.

“Remember, you may not be able to change the source of your stress, but try hard to change the way you respond to it.” EuniQ-Ben

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