Talking about Resolutions

Take responsibility for your actions and inactions. Never strike a pointing hand at( blame) anyone because that is the root of every problem.

“We study the past to correct the present and to change the future”, so do the historians say. In other words we read to exploit from others mistakes, so that our lives would be better and that we don’t repeat the same mistakes they made.

Now talking about our resolutions for the new year, we discovered that many people write their resolutions because others everybody’s is writing it, which shouldn’t be so. 

A Resolution is a strong will, determination, vows or a statement of intentions. Just as the name implies, “re- solution”, a plan to solve a problems or a solution to a ….

Personally, I will say that a resolution is like a scale. Better still, a self growth evaluation of year, either physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. To see where you are lacking and where you are increasing. It all depends on how all this affects your life and principles for a balance.

When I was drawing this years’ resolutions, I actually realized that for quite some years now, i haven’t been able to actualise most of my resolutions. In fact, I was amongst those that when it comes to writing resolutions, I do so for formality. And it wasn’t usually a surprise when even before January ends I have forgotten my resolutions.

Speaking to one of my mentors about these, he said, ” it’s good that you made an efforts at least, but then you need to wake up!, you have to take it gradually. Instead of a resolution make a drop-back”.
Sincerely, that was the beginning of better days for me, from then onwards things changed for the better.

Drop back is a much slow process of keeping your resolutions in check, meaning that you will judiciously, drop one of your old habits in exchange for new or rather, drop one odd habit slowly but consciously. It’s simply a long but short term goal resolution. 

For instance, I am an chain smoker, and my new year drop-back is smoking. Now instead of promptly putting a stop to smoking as a new year resolution may suggest. A drop-back will take a much more gradual process. 

Like,  If I take 5 packs of cigarette a month, my drop-back will make it 4 an a half packs a month, gradually my system will adjust to that. Then,I will move to 3 packs pending on how fast my system adjusts to it. And so on until it reaches 1 stick of cigarette a month. 

If I judiciously take it that way, before the end of the year, I would have successfully dropped smoking.

Again, for instance if my new year drop-back is make reading a hobby. First I will start by reading one page everyday. For maybe a month. Then a chapter everyday. Gradually, I will finish a book in a week and days and so on.

It maybe your spiritual life that needs a change, or your physical looks that needs a change, or anything, you just need to change something about you, for the year. 

Like a wise philosopher will say, ” 

If you can’t fly, you run!

 If  you can’t run, walk!

If you can’t walk, crawl! 

It doesn’t matter what you do, Just do everything you can to keep moving.” 

So start small, and end big. ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ Do something for a change. If you can  drop-back one bad habit every year, before you know it you will be anything you choose to be. ‘You will never know how far you will fly until try’

Wake up! And move!!!

Every disappointment is a blessing

When I was young, my mum will always sit us down in the evenings to tell us various stories. It’s not as if on those occasions she was less busy but she endeavours to always tell us stories about our family and from the Bible in order that those stories showed us right from wrong and most importantly to show us how much she loves us that she wouldn’t mind telling us stories till we slept off. 

But when we grew older she had to buy books instead to increase our vocabulary. I really missed those days because those books didn’t actually give that motherly comfort, assurance and love that mummy’s stories usually gives.

I remember on one ocassion mummy told us a different story, it was neither about our family nor from the Bible. It was the best story ever. I can remember how she said it:

One day an Angel of lord visited a man named Mr Abiodun. The essence of His visit was simply to travel around with Mr. Abiodun and to teach him an important lesson. But this was not known to Mr. Abiodun because he came to Mr Abiodun as an old friend who just wanted to travel around and needed Mr Abiodun’s company. Of which as expected, Mr Abiodun obliged to travelling with him .

On their first journey,  they  walked for miles without stop. But when it was dawn, they came to a village and were lucky to be hosted by a poor man. This poor man had nothing other than his house and a cup.

According to him, the wicked town’s men took everything from him other than the cup; which now cherished as it was his only property. The poor man served them water to drink in the cup and then bide them a good night rest.

Later on, the Angel took the water and the cup and threw it away in the thick bush  where none could find it. Then Mr abiodun sort to drink some water and realized what the Angel had done.

Mr. Abiodun became very furious with the Angel and asked, ” you knew that cup was the only thing that this poor man had, why then did you do this after the man had shown us nothing but love by letting us into his house; why?”. And the Angel simply replied, ‘ Mr Abiodun, hold your peace, such are the ways of the Lord’.

The next day, the set off early in the morning. They walked for a very long time without rest until just before dawn they arrived at a city, where they also lucky to meet a wealthy farmer who provided them shelter in his old but manageable for the night.

The farmer gave them a very warm and good welcome. The farmer provided them with extra food for their journey before their departure. 

This time around, not long after they left the town, the Angel said he forgot something very important and needed to go and retrieve in the rich farmers house. On getting there, they realized that the farmer and his wives had already left for the farm and there was none at home.

The Angel, lit fire and set the house ablaze. Mr Abiodun shouted in bewilderment. He was just confused as to what prompted him to do so.Then the Angel made way for them to leave. 

Mr Abiodun asked in anger and shock, “why?, He was very kind to us! Why?”.  As they watch the house burn to the ground, the Angel replied, “Mr Abiodun hold your peace, such are the ways of the Lord”.

Mr. Abiodun was very angry. He couldn’t figure out why the Angel was doing all this horrible things to this good people, but for peace sake and for the success of their journey, he tried to remain calm.

Thereafter, they continued their journey. When it was dawn, they arrived at a small town where they were an average family of two; a father and son welcomed them for the night.

The next day, the when they were about return to their journey, the father asked his son to escort them out of the city before he would return home. When the boy had escorted them reached a sea outside the town. 

He directed to the route of their path that leads them back to their journey. As he made to return home, the Angel pushed him into the sea; where he drowned to death( because he couldn’t swim) 

Mr Abiodun became mad! He screamed, but the Angel shut him up with his hands. “I am no longer going anywhere with you, you are a murderer and a beast, in fact you are a monster! Why on earth did you kill that innocent boy, he never did anything to you!”

“Mr Abiodun hold your peace such are the ways Lord!”,  said the Angel 

“Don’t call God in this, you are the one that did all this horrible things not God! Unless you tell me why, I won’t go as far as a step with you”, Mr Abiodun said admist tears.When He realized that Mr Abiodun was hell bent on knowing why?

 There and then the Angel revealed;

“Starting with the first house we stayed, the poor man was deprived of his properties because God wanted him to start his life anew. And the cup that was left behind was poisoned, if we or he had drank from that cup, we would be dead by now. 

The second house we stayed; the farmer was wealthy and comfortable in his great grand father’s mud house, which is too old. The farmer was too comfortable in that house to focus and build his own house. So I burnt it so that he could build his own house with his own money.

The last family, God saw that the son was going to be a bad boy in the future, too bad that he would one day kill his own father. That’s why I made him drown to death.

Finally, I came  to show you that everything that God does, He does so for a good reason; either to teach us a lesson, to test us or to bless us. Also, we should always remember that our ways are not God’s ways.( Such are the ways of the Lord”.

Mum is a genius, I never knew  where or how she got this story but, it really taught me a great deal. It shaped my life for better things, and also opened my eyes to see God’s true nature. I hope it does  so to you too.

A visit to INEC office

Although I am an ex-student of st Martin’s de porres secondary school, I was opportuned to partake in the excursion to the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) office. 

Many ex-students like me would not want to be involved in anything about their former school, for reasons best known to them. But as far I’m concerned, “once a student always a student. Also, you never know what you’ll learn from the exurcusion and you will never know where this experience will take you, unless you try”.

So, It went like this:

We arrived the INEC office in Katsina, Nigeria, at about 10:30. The administrative secetary of INEC;  Mr. Yunusah jika kura, abubakar, Yusuf adulahi as the head of the department of the political party, and Mark sati as the head of accounts, the teacher of the school Government teacher, Mr  Samuel Pitalla, the head of the school discipline, Mr Tony okpanachi exchanged pleasantries.

All protocol duly observed, the administrative Secretary gave an opening remark.

In his words, he said that the commission is currently trying to reach out to the students in various schools in order to enlighten them about the commission. 

The HOD, gave a presentation about the definition of INEC, origin, and functions of the commission.
The independent national electoral commission ( INEC) is an independent body that conducts electoral processes for/ within the nation. While the SIEC is the State Independent Electoral Commission, which means it deals with the state.

Functions of INEC

  • Voter registration of party and voters
  • It monitors activities of the political Party
  • It conducts voter education
  • They recruit and train people to carryout the election processes
  • They print she sensitive materials for a free and successful election
  • The commission decides and appoint dates for the election
  • They conducts elections both presidential election, national elections,state house of assembly election, area council elections and governorship election.

Requirements to register as a voter:

  • The person must be a Nigerian citizen
  • He/ she must present himself/herself to the registration officers of INEC for the purpose of registration.

    This is not a simple but easy process if following the procedures

    Election day activities

    1. Arrival of officials
    2. Arrangement of sits for the electorates
    3. The use of card reader for voters to place into the vallot paper
    4. Sorting: it means arrangement of votes according to party.
    5. Counting of sorted votes
    6. They record the result in ECCA
    7. Announcement of result
    8. Parking and submission of result

    We were opportuned to learn more about the  permanent voters card (PVC) how it functions and how to use it during ab election and lots more.

    Responsibilities of a voter or an electorate includes;

    • Coming out to vote on election day
    • Behaving in an orderly manner before, during and after the elections
    • Reporting incidences of electoral malpractices, electoral fraud and violence to the relevant authority
    • Obeying all electoral laws and regulations

    Some electoral offences are; it is an offence to

    • Register more than once 
    • Buy or sell voter’s card
    • Bribe any person at any election
    • Engage in violence at a polling unit
    • Attempt to vote with another person’s voters card

    I don’t how all this can help you but I believe that,  “no knowledge is wasted”. I hope you got a take home


    Talents and skills

    The rate at which talents and skills are being vastly maximized here in Nigeria is wonderful to behold. Now, talking about the entertainment aspect of it. We have dance, singing, playing the instruments, drama,comedy and so much more.

    When my brother started dancing, I saw it as a play  that was useless, I even discouraged him, simply because I didn’t believe it would work out well for him. Msybe because i wasnt lucky with singing.

    But as time went by he made me realize that, while dancing, He got every opportunity to express his feelings, and with every step he makes while dancing, it only shows the world who he really is or should I say, the best in him; l am very proud of him.

    I believe that those others that exhibit their talents in their own unique way, does so for reasons best known to them.

    So now I urge you to watch them and encourage them as they perform their first edition at living Faith Church, Katsina. I really hope you enjoy their performance. And give drop your feeds by commenting.


    God calls you!!!!!!!!

    When God calls you, He equips you for the job. Exodus 4:13, clearly gives us an illustration, when God called Moses to go into Pharaoh’s palace and announce, ” Let my people go”, he response by saying, “please send someone else to do it“. 

    Is that how you feel today? If so then here is what God said to Moses and He is still saying the same to you: ” Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say “.

    But He doesn’t necessarily train in advance. At times, your training takes place in the process of doing what God said. And it can be very scary. Maybe you have been saying to God, ” I’m afraid to speak in front of people; what do you mean you want me to lead this meeting?” Or “why would you want me to apply for this job when am not qualified?”. 

    We forget so easily that the only qualification we need here is God. The only qualification to do God’s will is His strength and ability. The rest is on the job training. You simply have to trust God and act on his promptings.

    Once I found myself in such state of delimma. I felt the urge the competite for the Master/ Miss YCS 2017/2018, in the annual convention in lokoja. Then I was just contemplating if to do it or not. Meanwhile does that were nominated had prepared from home with the make-ups, dresses, shoes and lots more.

    I was so reluctant but yet felt that I really needed to contest. I prayed for God’s help. Then, I talked to the Cordinators and they signed me up for the contest. I met my denary Cordinator, at first, he taught I  was not serious and then furious that I did not inform him earlier on, so that he could include me in his preparations but then again, he helped with some materials to help me prepare and equally made arrangements for me to meet my fellow contestants from the same denary.

     I was so scared and nervous that day that I couldn’t eat till the competition was ended. Immediately I met with the contestants, I felt I was no match for them. We were about 20 in total, and there were all beautiful, smart and well trained contestants. “I couldn’t possibly stand a chance”, I  imagined. 

    During our auditioning I tried my possible best to compose myself but the fear of failure couldn’t let me. Everyone could practically see the fear in my eyes but then my friend asked, “why did you choose to contest”.

    Then it really dawn on me that I had not figured out, why? I replied, I am contesting because I really feel there is something God wants me to do for the Young Catholic Students, that I haven’t figured out yet and I think this experience will show me, What?

    Although I don’t know what that really is, right now, I believe that if God has something in mind for me, then I should be at His disposal to do His will. Also,I personally want to learn more about YCS history, and I believe I can achieve that by contesting. I know I might not win and I don’t even dream of winning, but one thing I dreamed of is a voice and a call for all the young students  to do what they love in their unique way for the good of our community.

    She laughed at my reasons because according to her, it didn’t make any sense. I almost gave up on the stress/tension but one thing that kept me going was, ‘God does not look at the outside rather, he sees your in intensions and works with it’. 

    Finally, I scaled through almost all the auditioning because of God’s intervention, I was not as beautiful as the other contestants neither did I know more than them but  our God works in mysterious ways. 

     Generally, when I was called upon as the winner of Miss YCS, then I realized that if God called you, you’re the right person for the job, you don’t need to bother yourself about how he will do, just believe and trust Him, and He would take care of the rest.

    lets talk about love

    Everyone has his/her own definition of love, and each definition comes from an experience of what the word  love really means.

     According  to the an American dictionary which states that, ‘love is  a strong feeling/affection towards someone or something’.

    I have heard some  people say;

     love is weakness

    Love is strength

    Love is hurt

    Love is trust

    Love is commitment

    Love is Patience, and lots more.

    According to my own definition, ‘I believe love is happiness and joy you find in being with someone, fulfilling your dreams together by helping each other become better, and commitment in the fact you will stick with that person no matter what’. 

    I don’t know if theirs or my definition of love is right or wrong but I strongly believe that for every relationship to work out well. God must be the center of it all. Because, He is the only perfect example of love for us all.

    Monster verses princess

    In everyone there is always the Prince(ss) and the monster. Every time we are faced with decision making, these two are in constant war in our minds. The two respectively signifies good and bad part of our life which is inescapable, each individual for himself gets the opportunity to decide how his/her life will be. 

    In our daily lives we are faced with the open floor ‘decision making‘. Whatever decision we make at every point in our lives, affects our future positively or negatively depending on the choices we make. 

    We must choose one or the other (good/bad), hence, it is these decisions which we make for ourselves and not anyone making it on our behalf , that defines who we truly are.These options always at war in us; may be:

    • Being better versus being bitter
    • Decisiveness versus indifference
    • Enthusiasm versus being lukewarm
    • “How we can” versus “if we can
    • ‘Get up’ versus ‘give up’
    • Security versus risk
    • Overcoming evil versus coping with evil
    • Stand out! Versus Blend in!
    • How much we accomplish versus how much we attempt to do
    • Opposing evil versus coexisting with it
    • Growing  versus dying
    • Determination versus discouragement
    • Obtaining versus complaining
    • Choice versus chance
    • More of God versus more of everything else

      The earlier we realize this fact, and begin aligning ourselves to it, the more fruitful our life becomes.

      An accident but no coincidence

      Actually opening this blog was purely by accident.Initially, I was just checking out new apps in my phone; which I had received from my brother’s phone, when I bombed into WordPress. 

      It was such a weird app to me, I planned on deleting it but then as a stubborn girl that I was, I thought to take a second look at it, later.

      One day,I just decided to find out more about the “WordPress” before I did something  silly. Then, I used my UC browser to Google WordPress, then I discovered it was something called “blog”.I still didn’t understand it despite checking various dictionaries. 

      That was how I adventurously found myself in this lovely community with the zeal to find purpose for my life by helping the much I can through my messages and posts.

      I must not fail to admit that I was really scared of the effects of been in this bloggers community  especially because  I  am just 17 years of age and I don’t have a penny of my own if my parents refused to approve of my blog. But I was willing to take the chance, to soar like an eagle, and to explore.

      After I had taken that big bold step, I made up my mind that I will make it work by God’s grace. My parents weren’t all that supportive. I wouldn’t blame them at all, my dad was in Ebonyi, Abakaliki state, and both were too busy to hear me out. It was even better with my dad as I got the opportunity to tell him about my blog and although he doesn’t have that time to see at every post of mine, he understands and supports me, but my Mum does not understand it at all no matter how many times I try explaining. However, I am ever willing to do my best for my blog because of that trust that my dad has for me.

      Although, when I initially opened my blog I was clueless about learning the robes. I didn’t know where and how to start but I was lucky to understand that ‘to share is to blog’. And blogging only gets better with everyone commenting and liking each other’s post.

      For me, two consecutive days after I started my blog I didn’t get anything. When I say anything I mean nothing at all! no likes, no comments from anyone nothing nothing. It was like I never existed in the community. Subsequently, as I followed other peoples posts, i was learning more. And by God’s grace I’m getting better and better.

      Today, I am very happy to be a blogger and to be a distinguished member of this wonderful blogger’s community.