How easy it is to blame others for our mistakes?

Coming face to face with reality and having to deal with the bitter sweet events that we encounter. I find myself asking what if I had done things quite differently certainly things wouldn’t turn out so bad.

Looking at those times now, I realize that was the scheme of the devil to keep me from rising above my flaws.

It’s okay to fall, it’s okay to make mistakes, after all, that’s why we are humans. But, you have no excuse to remain on down. It’s okay that you couldn’t attain the grades you wanted, it okay that things didn’t work out as planned. Yes life is filled with crabby situations, sometimes you step on thorns and sometimes you step on gold.

“No matter how dark the night, the star will always shine”.

The worst mistake you can ever make is not falling down, the worst mistake is not rising up. Down give up yourself, so many people are counting on you, so many destinies are tied up to yours.

God is counting on you so, to Arise and Shine!

Stars never stop shining no matter how dark the night gets, Arise and Shine!