A difference

the power, uniqueness and difference of ‘one’

The value of little beginnings

James 4:1-4, where do all the quarrels among you come from? why the quarrels between you? Your desires for something and you don’t get, there is hunger because you don’t get. You are lacking because you don’t pray, because you are selfish with your prayers. Most story of the three men with talents (Matthew 25:14-30), God…

who is God?

Go into the world and proclaim the Good news

My testimony

to share a testimony is to receive more blessings from God

Hail! Mary

Get to know her yourself! it is really worth a try, to know this special woman

The war room

I think everyone has his/ her definition of the war room. Just as the name implies, it’s a room( more like a closet) meant solely for war/ battle. But then i realized that we can only be victorious in this battle if we fight the right person. I first came in contact with the word…

God in your neighbour

you can’t claim to love God whom you do not see and hate your neighbor whom you see