Find your place

It’s disasterous to see well meaning, amazing and talented youths wasting their lives just dreaming of a life they have not worked for.

A wise man once said, “if you want to have a lion’s share, you must first have the lion’s heart.”

Then it dawned on me that, as much as God will help me to actualize my dreams I also needed work on myself not just by seeing the bigger picture but also by bringer that picture to life. How you may ask?

Firstly, it’s important to find your place in life in order to excel. I’m not saying you should keep dwelling on your past achievement and victories or trophy, NO! I mean get out there and be a solution solver, be a blessing to yourworld. I congratulate you for your successful achievements so far, but there’s more. You are more than that. You mustn’t wait till you are Aristotle to make a change, you start now by making a change. This life is filled with needs, we need more teachers, singers, writers, thinkers, scientist and so on. What makes you stand out is your ability to bring out that unique trait of your to the table of needs. Find yours, we need it urgently.

Also, your ability to discover your place is one thing, then the ability to do it is another. Sometimes, these things looks easier said than done, true, but there’s no harm in trying. Never allow that cloud of illusion that you aren’t good enough overwhelm you. You are simply the best version of yourself, all you need is just keep practicing and practicing, try out those new stuffs, write those crazy ideas. Today these attempts may seem foolish, useless or even like a waste of time but tomorrow you will enjoy it’s fruit. It’s always to die trying than not trying at all.

“A seed doesn’t grow into a tree in a day.”

Don’t stop believing in yourself, you can do anything!

God loves you and the world eagerly waits for the Dangote you become