Hail! Mary

Get to know her yourself! it is really worth a try, to know this special woman


Hail Mary! Full of grace the Lord is with you, blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and the hour of our death, Amen.

This woman is one of the most important aspects of my life. In fact, am a living testimony of her forever loving and caring existence.

She is Mary Mother of the child Jesus. We call her; Our mother of perpetual Help, The Mediatrix of all graces,  The immaculate heart of Mary, The Queen of Heaven and earth,  Virgin most powerful and merciful, Queen of Nigeria, Queen of  the most Holy Rosary and lots more

Since I was a little girl, I see people pray to her using the Rosary, and honor her. Although I knew nothing about her, I felt drawn to her. I neither knew how the prayers was said, nor believed that if I prayed to her, she would listen. 

But I would always go to the grotto and sit there for hours with altering any prayer or anything of that sort. Yet, I felt at peace and relaxed whenever I was there. 

I would stare at her beautiful dress(which was never seen in the market) but only on her. Her hands always opened as if she wanted a big hug but the statue was framed, there was no way I could open it to give her that ‘warm embrace’. Her piercing and loving eyes looking down on me, like a mother looking at her helpless daughter. 

This things kept me inquisitive to know more about her. And then, it occurred to me, ” test and see that the Lord is good!”.

Then, I began asking questions about her. Although, I didn’t get much from my little findings, I was satisfied enough to get to interact with her myself. 

I would go to her, as a friend. Sit, and talk to her about everything in my life with my problems. 

At first, it was crazy but I never felt absurd about it rather I always felt lighter whenever I prayed to her, like she was always there to listen and I believed it was so and it worked for me. 

Gradually, I became closer to our Blessed Virgin Mary, she is indeed a mother to all. She consoles me (just as she consoled Jesus in His trial and crucifixion) and intercedes for my prayers to God (like she did at the wedding in Canaan) and most of all, my best friend.

 Once a friend elucidated that, just as the mother is plays a very important role in the family. So also is the mother Mary very important in the life, role, and mission of Jesus. He never refuses anything she asks of Him; just as illustrated in the wedding in Canaan.

So I equally urged you to know her more by yourself. Go out for it and you will never regret it. Because, she is the perfect example of a good mother, Role model and friend.

You must not know all the prayers to know her. You just have to learn to communicate with her with your pure heart. 

Here is a little prayer to our mother, enough to move mountains!

Remember, oh most virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone who sort thy intersection. Implore your aid nor sort your assistance was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence I fly unto thee, my mother. To thee I call, before thee I plead sinful and sorrowful. Oh  mother of the word ‘ incarnate’ despise not my petition but in your mercy, hear and answer my humble prayers.


The war room

I think everyone has his/ her definition of the war room. Just as the name implies, it’s a room( more like a closet) meant solely for war/ battle. But then i realized that we can only be victorious in this battle if we fight the right person.
I first came in contact with the word in a movie, I love the movie so much ‘ the war room‘. Ironically, It helped me discover so many incredible things about my faith in Christ Jesus.

I also realized that, “Satan comes only to kill( our joy and happiness), to steal( our loved ones) and to destroy( our lives and that of our families)”. But then, we can only defeat him when we, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee”

This are just my own take home from the film, l can’t even say everything, but I will leave you to watch and learn.

God in your neighbour

you can’t claim to love God whom you do not see and hate your neighbor whom you see

According to St Matthew’s Gospel 22:34-40, we are told the greatest commandments of God, which is,’to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our strength. And to love our neighbors as we do ourselves’.

Therefore, if you say you love God, you must first and foremost love your neighbor.The love of God is equivalent to the love of your neighbour. Like St. John says, “you can’t claim to love God whom you do not see and hate your neighbor whom you see”. 

We need to show God how much we really love Him by loving our neighbours. It’s not just by mere words but also by our action. Then the second question comes to mind:

Who is my neighbour?
Your neighbour is not just the person that sits next to you or the person that lives next door.

Now a days  I realize that people choose their neighbours. They choose who they like or want to sit next to them in church, meeting or any social gathering. 

Your neighbour is everyone that needs the help/ assistance which you can render to them; it may be in your house ( your next door neighbour), at school, in the market place, in church/ mosque or at work.

 It could even be that girls that smells,  that boy that can not speak correct English, that drunkard is your street,that woman that wears rags, that boy that doesn’t have manners, and so on is your neighbour.

You might not even need to go too far to spot these people, they are calling on you to love them, help them and if necessary care for them just as you would Christ.

There was a woman that fervently prayed  for God for ‘divine visitation’. Finally, the Lord answered her prayers and promised to come, on a stipulated day which he disclosed to her.

This lady woke up as early as 3am  that day, did a thorough cleaning of everything in her house, prepared varieties of delicious dishes, she made sure that everything was perfect for the Lord’s visit.

Then her neighbour knocked at her door and asked her to help him with her car, that he just ran out of fuel in his car and wanted to get some in the near by filling station.

The lady bluntly refused saying that she was expecting a very important guest and would not know the exact time of His arrival so she could pick Him.

The lady waited till the end of the day but Jesus never showed up, instead, she was getting ‘annoying visitors each following the other’.

The next person that knocked on her door was a little boy beggar who was wearing rags, he begged for anything she could spare to give like food, water or even little money. But again she refused to help saying she didn’t want her  ver important guest to without food.

Just at tge time the woman was getting both angry and tired of waiting for the Lord’s visit, again another an old man also knocked on her door saying he needed shelter for the night as he was a traveler.In anger she shouter at him to her house immediately. 

Later in the night while she prayed she  complained to Lord, that she waited earnestly for His arrival but to no avail. 

Then Jesus replied,”I can 3times to you but you refused to let me in”.

The woman was surprised and said, ‘Lord, when did you come, I waited the whole day but they was no sign of you’

 “I asked for your car and she refused, again I asked for water to drink or food to eat but then you also didn’t give me. Then, I pleaded to stay with you for the night and again you refused to let me in. I came as your neighbour but you refused me”.

Therefore, this is how the woman lost golden opportunity to see the Lord, because she failed to love her neighbours. 

Now, the next question that might be running through your mind;

How do I show this love to my neighbour?
Matthew 7:12 gives us a clue which says,”Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you”. John Maxwell tells in his book ‘the Giants’ how to implement this to action;

  1. If you’ve a problem with me, come and see me privately. I would do same for you
  2. If someone else has a problem with me and comes to you, send them to me. I’ll do same.
  3. If someone won’t come to me, say, “let’s go see him together”. I’ll do same for you.
  4. Be careful how you interpret me,I would rather do that( it’s too easy to misinterpret intentions)
  5. If it’s confidential, don’t tell. If you or anyone else comes to me in confidence, I won’t tell, unless they are going to harm someone, themselves or abuse a child physically or otherwise
  6. I don’t read unsigned letters
  7. I don’t manipulate, I won’t manipulate and don’t try let others manipulate me through you
  8. When in doubt, just say so. If I can answer without breaking confidence, I will.

Those 8 rules can be reduced to one statement,” Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you “.

Finally, Good marriages, good relationships, good businesses, friendships are based on this. Also, always show your love for through your neighbour ( person in need of your help). Maybe then, our lives will be more meaningful and complete.

Fear and worry

Fear not! for the Lord is with us..

Today, if you are viewing your future from a position of fear or worry, I want you to check it well, because that view can not be correct. Instead, view your future from a position of faith. That’s the truth. Worry is simply the triumph of fear over faith.

There is a story about a woman who was standing on the streets and crying profusely. A man came asking her why she was weeping.

 The lady shook her head and replied, ” I was just thinking that maybe someday I would get married. We would have a beautiful baby girl. Then one day this child and I would go for a walk along this street and my Darling daughter would run into the street, get hit by a car and die”.

It sounds like a ridiculous situation-weeping because of something that will probably never happen. Yet we act this way when we worry. We blow a situation beyond proportion that might not come to be.

An old Swedish proverb states,” worry gives a small thing aa very big shadow. Worry is simply the misuse of the creative imagination that God has placed within us.

When fear arises in our minds, we only imagine worst situations out of reality, we should learn to expect the opposite in our lives. Which tends to make us panic and most times loose our balance/ composure. 

The word worry is derived from an Anglo- Saxon term meaning ‘to strangle or choke off‘. The less you worry, the more ideas, insights, and revelation you will have.

As we dwell on worries about matters beyond our control, a negative effect begins to set in. Too much analysis always leads to much more paralysis. Worry is a route that leads from somewhere to nowhere. Never let it direct nor define your life.

God always reminds us in psalm 55:22, “Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and He shall sustain you: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved”.

Never respond out of fear, and never fear to respond. Action attacks fear: inactions reinforces it.

Don’t worry and don’t fear. Instead, take your fears and worries to the Lord, ” casting all your cares upon Him: for he cares for you “.( 1 Peter 5:7)

Fear not for the Lord is with us!

Nothing to something

Go all out for it

“I don’t know where/ how to start?”. That’s the common excuse we give for the things we are too afraid to try or for not checking out something new. 

The only place to start is where you are, with what you have and not with what you don’t have. Opportunity lays where you are never where you were. 

Hamilton Mabie said,” The question for each man is not what he would if he had the means,time, influence, and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has”.

I agree with Teddy Roosevelt when he said, ” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are “. The only way to learn anything thoroughly is by starting from scratch/ nothing. 

Epicurus said, ” Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for! Henri Amiel observed, ” Almost everything comes from almost nothing “.

God will always give us the ability to create what we need from something that is already here. We just have to work with what we have to get to where/ do  we want. It all depends on how well we use these things available to us.

For instance,  once I had aspired  to own a big hair dressing saloon. I am well aware about the things I will need for this dream to be a reality. 

I won’t just sit back I say God is going to avail all this in a twinkle if an eye without me working it out too.Like the Bible clearly states it, “faith without work is useless”.

Then I went all out for it, I make hair for my neighbours  and a token as pay. Little by little I was gathering those small pay, which little by little was amounting to something big.

In a nutshell, I had to learn to manage the stress and all that, but I managed to scale through because I loved the ‘little thing’ I did everyday with the vision of a better tomorrow. At the end of it all, I realized that It was really worth it.

The truth is you will never know how far you will go until you try. The most important thing about reaching your dreams is starting right where you are.

Therefore, I encourage you to go for it; like mum will say, ‘ what is worth doing is worth doing well’.

I love this Dance 

Get ready for the round 2! of their dance…. watch them do what they love most

In case you didnt watch their first dance, you missed alot. But as your friend, I wouldn’t want you to miss the most interesting part of their dance.

 You really need to watch this one, it’s more…….. Than the previous one they did in Talents and skills.

In fact, they are my favorite dancers , they already stole my heart. I am always proud to call them( especially as my younger brother is one of them); The upmost square dancers.

Appreciate them by telling them how…… They were that is if you enjoyed it at all; which am very sure you will.

Every disappointment is a blessing

“Mr Abiodun, Hold your peace! such are the ways of the Lord”

When I was young, my mum will always sit us down in the evenings to tell us various stories. It’s not as if on those occasions she was less busy but she endeavours to always tell us stories about our family and from the Bible in order that those stories showed us right from wrong and most importantly to show us how much she loves us that she wouldn’t mind telling us stories till we slept off. 

But when we grew older she had to buy books instead to increase our vocabulary. I really missed those days because those books didn’t actually give that motherly comfort, assurance and love that mummy’s stories usually gives.

I remember on one ocassion mummy told us a different story, it was neither about our family nor from the Bible. It was the best story ever. I can remember how she said it:

One day an Angel of lord visited a man named Mr Abiodun. The essence of His visit was simply to travel around with Mr. Abiodun and to teach him an important lesson. But this was not known to Mr. Abiodun because he came to Mr Abiodun as an old friend who just wanted to travel around and needed Mr Abiodun’s company. Of which as expected, Mr Abiodun obliged to travelling with him .

On their first journey,  they  walked for miles without stop. But when it was dawn, they came to a village and were lucky to be hosted by a poor man. This poor man had nothing other than his house and a cup.

According to him, the wicked town’s men took everything from him other than the cup; which now cherished as it was his only property. The poor man served them water to drink in the cup and then bide them a good night rest.

Later on, the Angel took the water and the cup and threw it away in the thick bush  where none could find it. Then Mr abiodun sort to drink some water and realized what the Angel had done.

Mr. Abiodun became very furious with the Angel and asked, ” you knew that cup was the only thing that this poor man had, why then did you do this after the man had shown us nothing but love by letting us into his house; why?”. And the Angel simply replied, ‘ Mr Abiodun, hold your peace, such are the ways of the Lord’.

The next day, the set off early in the morning. They walked for a very long time without rest until just before dawn they arrived at a city, where they also lucky to meet a wealthy farmer who provided them shelter in his old but manageable for the night.

The farmer gave them a very warm and good welcome. The farmer provided them with extra food for their journey before their departure. 

This time around, not long after they left the town, the Angel said he forgot something very important and needed to go and retrieve in the rich farmers house. On getting there, they realized that the farmer and his wives had already left for the farm and there was none at home.

The Angel, lit fire and set the house ablaze. Mr Abiodun shouted in bewilderment. He was just confused as to what prompted him to do so.Then the Angel made way for them to leave. 

Mr Abiodun asked in anger and shock, “why?, He was very kind to us! Why?”.  As they watch the house burn to the ground, the Angel replied, “Mr Abiodun hold your peace, such are the ways of the Lord”.

Mr. Abiodun was very angry. He couldn’t figure out why the Angel was doing all this horrible things to this good people, but for peace sake and for the success of their journey, he tried to remain calm.

Thereafter, they continued their journey. When it was dawn, they arrived at a small town where they were an average family of two; a father and son welcomed them for the night.

The next day, the when they were about return to their journey, the father asked his son to escort them out of the city before he would return home. When the boy had escorted them reached a sea outside the town. 

He directed to the route of their path that leads them back to their journey. As he made to return home, the Angel pushed him into the sea; where he drowned to death( because he couldn’t swim) 

Mr Abiodun became mad! He screamed, but the Angel shut him up with his hands. “I am no longer going anywhere with you, you are a murderer and a beast, in fact you are a monster! Why on earth did you kill that innocent boy, he never did anything to you!”

“Mr Abiodun hold your peace such are the ways Lord!”,  said the Angel 

“Don’t call God in this, you are the one that did all this horrible things not God! Unless you tell me why, I won’t go as far as a step with you”, Mr Abiodun said admist tears.When He realized that Mr Abiodun was hell bent on knowing why?

 There and then the Angel revealed;

“Starting with the first house we stayed, the poor man was deprived of his properties because God wanted him to start his life anew. And the cup that was left behind was poisoned, if we or he had drank from that cup, we would be dead by now. 

The second house we stayed; the farmer was wealthy and comfortable in his great grand father’s mud house, which is too old. The farmer was too comfortable in that house to focus and build his own house. So I burnt it so that he could build his own house with his own money.

The last family, God saw that the son was going to be a bad boy in the future, too bad that he would one day kill his own father. That’s why I made him drown to death.

Finally, I came  to show you that everything that God does, He does so for a good reason; either to teach us a lesson, to test us or to bless us. Also, we should always remember that our ways are not God’s ways.( Such are the ways of the Lord”.

Mum is a genius, I never knew  where or how she got this story but, it really taught me a great deal. It shaped my life for better things, and also opened my eyes to see God’s true nature. I hope it does  so to you too.